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5 Best RV Backup Cameras That You Can Get

A backup camera is an innovative addition to recreational vehicles. Although it is required by the federal government to fit into every car; this installation can also add more safety to the life of travellers.

There is no doubt to say that all drivers face problems when they reverse the vehicle or when they need to park it. Such problems may also arrive when you are driving in high traffic areas. So, when you want to make the driving hours more convenient for you, it is good to install high-quality RV backup camera. It is one of the essential tools to keep you informed on the road so that you can have a trouble-free vacation experience.

Some of you might be looking for high-quality RV backup camera. As the market is loaded with many competitive models, you may find it difficult to pick the best one. Here we are going to provide some information about the best RV rearview cameras. Just spare a few minutes to go through the details and soon you will be able to pick the best one for your need.

Furrion 729125 Vision S 4.3-Inch Vehicle Backup Camera

If you are looking for a dependable backup camera for your recreational needs, this amazing observation system can serve your needs better. The most amazing thing about this unit is its 4.3-inch anti-glare monitor. It has the ability to display everything clearly with a smart IR cut filter; you can expect full spectrum visibility during day and night time as well. The anti-glare monitor also makes automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, and colour as well.

Other than this, Furrion RV backup camera features auto-wake security camera. It offers great flexibility to the drivers with the ability to turn on automatically. It shows the image of every movement instantly with the help of sensors. Moreover, it is waterproof with an IP65 rating; it means you can drive safely even in the poor weather conditions.


  • It comes with an anti-glare monitor.

  • Shows crisp and clear images.

  • Highly secure unit which turns on automatically with motion sensors.

  • Waterproof and versatile design.


  • The monitor appears comparatively smaller.

DohonesBest RV Digital Wireless Backup Camera

This digital wireless backup camera is a creative choice for recreational vehicles. People love this camera more because it is designed to work without interferences. No matter at what speed you are driving, this camera unit can retain its wireless signal while offering more smoothness and clarity for viewing. The external antenna unit further helps to strengthen the signal.

The camera unit is also IP69 waterproof and fog-resistant. It means you can drive well even in the bad weather conditions as well. Moreover, it also serves well with night visibility. This camera unit is suitable not just for RVs; rather, it can be used with vans, SUVs, cars, campers, fifth trailers, motorhomes and trucks as well. You can visualize colour-rich, HD screen pictures on the monitor.


  • It offers smooth and clear wireless connectivity.

  • Comes with an external antenna to strengthen the signal.

  • Fully protected unit to work perfectly in the bad weather as well.

  • Extremely versatile solution.

  • Fog and water-resistant unit.


  • The antenna unit appears loose.

LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera with 7-Inch Motor Kit:

It is also good to check this 7-inch monitor kit that features a camera and display kit. This unit comes in pre-assembled form; all that you need to do is hook up the system with power supply and adjust the antenna.

Another impressive benefit of this motor kit is that it can transport video signals automatically. It is also possible to set this camera to rear view while reversing the vehicle. One can also use full-time view when you want to reverse, park and drive. Furthermore, it can reduce blind spots.

People prefer this motor kit more because of its widescreen monitor. It also displays high-quality images and offers excellent wireless signals up to 200 feet.


  • It can transport video signals automatically.

  • Reduces the risk of blind spots.

  • Waterproof unit that permits easy driving in harsh conditions.

  • Offers great wireless range.

  • Offers excellent versatility while driving.


  • The mounting bracket appears a little bit harder.

4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera:

Here is another versatile unit for your RV; however, it also works perfectly with buses, trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheel and trucks. This wireless camera belongs to commercial-grade category; hence, you can expect great quality. The 7-inch monitor offers clear view while you are parking, reversing, and backing.

It makes use of digital technology to ensure the highest picture quality. The LCD widescreen comes with a built-in wireless receiver, and it is easy to use as well. There is no need to use additional wireless or wired receivers; you can easily plug the screen into a cigarette lighter plug. The removable external antenna further ensures excellent reception of long-range signals.


  • Highly versatile unit which is compatible with most of the vehicles.

  • Make use of digital technology; you will experience no interference and static.

  • Easy to set up and use.

  • It allows excellent reception of the signal.

  • Comes with wireless bar showing status about signal strength.


  • Time-consuming mounting process.

CoolWoo Dual Backup Camera and Monitor Kit:

This versatile camera unit and monitor kit offer amazing compatibility with vans, RVs, and semi-trucks as well. It comes with a dual backup, high definition camera unit that also features infrared night vision. It also has 6-layer filter glass and recent CCD chips. The kit also guarantees sharp images and colourful displays.

CoolWoo comes with eight infrared LED lights that ensure enhanced night vision. You will find it much convenient and safer to use while enjoying premium quality coverage. This waterproof monitor kit functions really well in heavy rains and violent storms as well. There is no need to worry about fog and mist; you can even drive well on the flooded roads.


  • Versatile camera unit that can be connected to all type of vehicles.

  • Waterproof unit with infrared night vision.

  • Large HD screen with sharp and colourful display.


  • Flimsy wire.

Now you have gone through the best RV backup camera units. It is good to pick the most reliable one and get it installed in your camping vehicle.

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