9 Best Jet Ski Covers – Buying Guide 2021

If you love watersports, a jet ski can be the thing for you. They are fun, fast, and exhilarating. Like any personal vehicle, your jet ski is better to use paired with a decent quality cover. A lot of things come into play when choosing the right cover.

You can pick the one we just suggested, but we highly recommend you to go through the entire writeup. All the products differ in attributes and each of them has something unique to offer. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in:

  1. Budge Jet Ski Cover

This high-quality and affordable option is sure to impress any Jet Ski owner. Made specifically for jet skis, Budge Jet Ski cover is made from heavy-duty polyester fabric for total waterproofing solution and protection from harmful UV rays.

Budge jet ski cover is available in 4 different sizes, supporting boats up to 135 inches long. So, if your jet ski is slightly bigger, there is no need to worry. Also, all the sizes are available for two and four-stroke jet skis.

The Budget Jet Ski cover is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and included storage bag. The sewn-in elastic cord and the adjustable straps work in unison for a perfect and secure fit.


Built-in Trailering: Not only for storage, Budge Jet Ski cover features a built-in trailering system. This makes it a highly desirable option for Jet Ski owners on the move.

100% Waterproofing: The manufacturers have used top-quality heavy-duty polyester fabric to make every inch of it entirely water-resistant.

All-round Protection: The high-quality polyester fabric not only protects from damaging UV rays and resists water leaking, but it also actively shields your boat from dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and more.


  • Great value for Budget
  • Excellent protection against snowfall
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to put on and off


  • Color fades away quickly
  • Waterproofing coating dies down soon
  1. iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover

iCOVER is a renowned brand for covering accessories. So, it only makes sense that their PWC cover will be top-notch. The iCOVER trailerable boat cover can be an excellent accessory for your jet ski. This universal boat cover is the perfect fit for various boat types such as fishing boats, bass boats, v-hull fishing boats, and of course jet skis.

You can cover up your boat not only when storing, but also for mooring and trailering. The manufacturers have used durable canvas and applied PVC coating for proper water resistance. The iCOVER trailerable boat cover also provides excellent protection against UV rays.

The robust fabric withstands wetting, cold cracking, tearing, and fading, making sure that your Jet Ski stays protected from harsh weather throughout the year. This heavy-duty 600D marine-grade boat cover can be the perfect companion for your jet ski.


Full Protective Design: The iCOVER boat cover ensures complete protection of your jet ski. The manufacturers have implemented double stitch to prevent water from leaking. The integrated buckle and adjustable strap make installation and release quite easy.

Versatile Usage: This boat cover is not only for jet skis. It is perfect for many other boat types such as a prostyle bass boat, fish-and-ski boat, etc. If you own other boats besides a jet ski, the iCOVER boat cover can be the best choice for you.

Diverse Options: If you are picky about your toys, you have no worries. The iCOVER boat cover is available in 3 different grades, 5 distinct colors, and 9 different sizes.


  • Top-quality fabrics
  • Complete protection
  • Excellent design and fit
  • 12 months warranty
  • Refundable with no questions asked


  • Durability is not satisfactory
  • There are better options for protection from sunlight
  • the cover does not fit well on 16 feet long boats
  1. Ogrmar Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

Another versatile boat cover on this list is the Ogrmar heavy duty trailerable boat cover. Despite having fewer options in terms of size and color compared to the previous one, the Ogrmar boat cover has what it takes to be a contender for the best Jet Ski cover.

It is made from marine-grade 600D polyester canvas. This is a strong fabric used for making many day-to-day items thanks to its stability and high quality. Ogrmar boat cover has impressive waterproofing thanks to the PVC coating. It also performs well to protect against UV rays.

Ogrmar fits boats up to 17 to 19 feet long and 96 inches wide so you know it can cover your jet ski with ease. Like iCOVER boat cover, it also fits bass boats, v-hull boats, fishing boats, etc.


Easy Installation: 4X double buckle adjustable strap and 1x single buckle adjustable strap, a total of 5 adjustable strap tightening systems provides easy installation and quick release.

Air Vent: Sufficient airflow is vital to keep internal temperatures consistent inside the cover. To make sure of that, Ogrmar boat cover has 2 air vents on the surface for proper ventilation and circulation.

All-purpose: Ogrmar boat cover is perfect for varieties of boats. It is also suitable for long-term storage, mooring, and trailering.


  • Withstand harsh weather round the year
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Two air vents ensure air circulation
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Resistant to tearing, fading, wetting, and cold cracking


  • Adjustable straps are weak
  • Can be difficult to cover large boats
  • Some customers complained of easy tearing
  1. Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover

Anglink has maintained the highest of standards when manufacturing this waterproof boat cover. The 600 Denier marine-grade fabric can withstand inclement weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall, or scorching heat of the sun.

Anglink waterproof boat cover is also scratch-resistant and tearproof. The material has anti-aging properties to extend the outdoor lifespan. It can fit a 17 to 19 feet boat with a beam up to 102 inches wide.

This all-rounder boat cover can be used on many other boat types besides jet skis such as bass boats, fishing v-hull boats, and a lot more. Its superior waterproof and breathable performance make it a smart choice for Jet Ski owners.


Windproof: Anglink waterproof boat cover comes with 11 pieces adjustable straps and quick release windproof buckles. You can lock the cover conveniently with your boat without the fear of the cover blowing away.

Colorfast: High-grade dyes have been used to make sure that the colors do not fade away due to prolonged exposure under the sun.

Great Customer Service: This boat cover comes with a two-year product warranty. Anglink also has very consumer-friendly after-sales support. In case of any problem, you will receive unparalleled assistance.


  • Excellent stitching quality
  • Thick and durable
  • Evenly placed straps along the sides and front
  • Quick installation


  • Not trailerable
  • Leaves stain marks on the boat
  1. Classic Accessories Stellex Personal Watercraft Cover

The classic accessories PWC cover can be a worthwhile investment if you want something simple, yet gets the job done. It is made 100% from polyester stellex fabric for complete waterproofing.

The tough polyester stellex fabric gives durability and protection in all weathers. Classic accessories PWC cover is available in medium and large sizes that fit 133 inches and 140 inches jet ski respectively.

This product includes everything you would expect from a Jet Ski cover such as quick-adjusting side-release straps, built-in strap keeper to secure excess strap after tightening, storage bag, and more. This cover is also suitable for trailering.


Stellex Fabrics: The tough polyester stellex fabric used for making this PWC cover is meant for water resistance, durability, shrinkage resistance, and protection from UV damage. The manufacturers have opted out of PVC coating and went for stellex instead to make it more environment-friendly and healthy.

Zippered Access Door: The classic accessories PWC cover features one zippered panel on each side so that you can access the gas tank of your jet ski without removing the cover completely.

Proficient Fitting: There is an elastic cord in the bottom hem to make sure a quick and better fit. The accessories like side-release straps and strap keepers enhance this characteristic.


  • Waterproof build
  • Strong cover resists sun fade
  • Resistant to dirt and stains
  • Trailerable
  • Comes with 4 years warranty


  • The fabric is not thick enough
  • Prone to shedding after continuous usage
  • Cannot prevent mold growth
  • Zippers are low quality
  1. Sea-Doo OEM Cover

Sea-doo is well known for its Jet Ski and PWC accessories. The heavy-duty UV-resistant solution-dyed polyester fabric will protect your jet ski from any type of weather. It is suitable for the rainy season, frosty winter, and sweltering summer.

Sea-Doo has made this Jet Ski cover for general users. They tried to make sure that average users do not face any trouble when using it for the first time. They have used yellow fabric to indicate handle insertion points for easy installation.

This cover is built for both storage and trailering purposes. For secured fit during trailering, Sea-Doo has added side hooks on the cover. Also, their patented air release vent system just amps up the trailering features.


Extra Reinforcements: Not all parts of the cover undergo the same amount of pressure. Areas that are more susceptible to wear and tear are reinforced with an extra layer of double canvas.

Soft Inner Lining: Many rough PWC covers indirectly abrade the panel of the personal watercraft. To prevent this, Sea-Doo has used soft fabric for the inner lining.

Easy Access to the Interior: They have incorporated lots of zippered openings on this cover for seamless access to the interiors when the cover is on. These zippered points allow access to mooring cleats, glove boxes, and storage of LinQ accessories on the rear deck.


  • OEM product
  • Perfect fit
  • Perfect for both storage and trailering
  • Convenient for first-time users


  • Limited color and size options
  • Awfully expensive
  1. North East Harbor Personal Watercraft Cover

The Jet Ski cover by NorthEast Harbor does everything a PWC cover should do, just better. While it may not seem a significant jump from any other on the list, there are lots of aspects that North East Harbor has pulled right with this Jet Ski cover.

First, the price is around 50 dollars which is quite impressive. The 600D fabric is resistant to water and various damage while fitting larger 2- or 3-seater jet skis.

It is available in only one color which may or may not be an issue for you. The North East Harbor Jet Ski cover is also trailerable. The manufacturers have included trailing straps for easy, fast, and secured tie-down. It also comes with a free storage mesh bag.


Better Build Quality: The material is the same on this cover which is the 600 Denier fabric. But the quality of the manufacturing and the seam quality is overall superior which makes it a great deal.

Fits Varieties of PWC: North East Harbor PWC cover is suitable for 2–3-seater jet skis from brands like WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc.

Rear Vents: Some degree of air circulation is essential for any type of boat cover. The North East PWC cover has rear vents for proper ventilation to stay clear of any type of contamination.


  • Rear vents help to prevent contamination
  • Heavy-duty shock cord for a secure fit
  • Multiple straps for easy securing
  • Compatible with different jet ski models


  • Only one color is available
  • Trailering can be troublesome due to faulty strap placement
  • Discolors very quickly
  1. EliteShield Heavy Duty PWC Cover

The Eliteshield PWC cover uses heavy-duty polyester which makes it extra durable and strong. The fabric provides waterproofing and UV ray protection, two vital requirements of a competent Jet Ski cover. Its semi-custom fit makes it a versatile option.

Eliteshield heavy-duty PWC cover features a two-tone finish available in six assorted colors. Also, it fits from 96 inches to up to 145 inches long jet skis spanning five sizes. The size starts from one-seater personal jet skis to three-seater units.

Eliteshield has made this cover for mooring, storage, and hauling. It includes an integrated trailer hitch opening in the front and built-in quick adjusting straps. It also comes with a storage bag and 3 years warranty.


Heavy-duty Fabrics: Although standard polyester is good enough for Jet Ski cover fabric, heavy-duty UV-treated polyester fabric ensures those extra years in its lifespan.

Top-quality Stitch: The manufacturers not only did use high-grade material, but they also focused on improved build standards. During production, they have implemented a double stitch on every seam to give you a durable product.

Elastic Cord for Better Fit: To ensure a fast and secure fit, they have installed an elastic shock cord around the bottom hem. There is also a built-in side-release strap for easy adjustment.


  • Heavy canvas style fabric
  • Suitable for trailering
  • Easy fitting
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Color deteriorates easily
  • Some customers have complained of dents left by the cover on their PWC
  1. JETPRO Trailerable Jet Ski Cover

JETPRO is a renowned PWC cover manufacturer. The attributes may sound the same, but this product is richly deserving of a place in this list for some enhancements. The heavy-duty 600D fabric provides superb protection against sun, rain dirt, particularly UV and pollutants.

The access door on both sides allows you to refill the fuel tank without removing the cover. The rear vents for ventilation prevent moisture accumulation. If you keep your jet ski in windy weather, the vents reduce wind lofting. All the seams are double stitched to make it sturdier and more robust.

Like all the top-of-the-line jet ski covers, JETPRO have used exceptional quality elastic cord in the bottom hem for a snug fit. The trailering hitch facilitates trailering mechanism. It is also perfect for storage, mooring, and hauling.


Mold Protection: The fabric has been properly treated to not only make it UV and pollutant resistant but to repel harmful parasites like mold and mildew.

Resistant to Wind Lofting: JETPRO engineers have designed the rear air vents meticulously so that you can park your jet ski even in windy weather. It efficiently reduces wind lofting.

Quick-release Buckles: For faster installation and removal, there are built-in quick-release buckles and straps.


  • Fits like charm
  • Well designed
  • Marine-grade fabric
  • Defends well against UV rays and pollutants


  • Lack stretching capability
  • Not eye-catchy
  • Price is slightly higher than other models


Why Should You Use a Cover For A Jet Ski?

A suitable cover is the best thing you can get for your jet ski beside the insurance. The reason is the same as others, to cover it when not in use. Your jet ski can fade color damage from the intense heat of the sun or receive cold cracking snowfall during the winter.

To prevent all these, you must invest in a Jet Ski cover. During storage when not in use, the Jet Ski can be subjected to several damaging factors. Pests or bird scat are enough to cause superficial damage to the Jet Ski surface.

A jet ski is made of fiberglass. The reason behind using fiberglass is to make it lightweight while keeping the price within affordable range. Another option is carbon fiber, but that would skyrocket the price. Fiberglass is a porous material. If you keep your Jet Ski exposed, harmful materials can invade the pores and damage the surface of the Jet Ski.

A way to prevent such invasions is to regularly wax your jet ski. The usual period between two waxing is three to four months, anything less is not a feasible option. Hence, covering the Jet Ski is the best option.

Also, when trailering, the oncoming wind or flying debris can break the windshield or damage other stress points. The bottom line is you must wrap up your jet ski when not in use, even during towing. However, the cover can be easily blown away during trailering. So if you travel frequently, make sure to get a trailerable cover.



What to Look for when Buying a Jet Ski Cover?

You must keep a close eye on a few things when buying a cover for your jet ski. The seller may try to talk you into buying below standard products but do not fall for that.

If you keep in mind the following, I can bet you will get the best product despite not having any prior experience. Let’s go:


Manufacturers use several types of materials for PWC covers. The most common is polyester of varying grades. There are advanced heavy-duty materials as well for better durability and long-lasting. However, those will cost you some extra bucks.

Try to get a cover with superior quality polyester fabric that provides satisfactory waterproofing and weather protection. This is the sweet spot between price and performance.


Finding the perfect fit can be a bit difficult because most of the time, the covers do not fit according to the manufacturer’s advertisement. To avoid any type of hassle, measure your jet ski beforehand and let the seller know.

He will find you a cover that would fit perfectly. Measure your PWC from the tip to the back. Also, measure the width. If you are not sure what you are doing, check the user manual or contact the vendors of your jet ski for finding the right measurement.

Build Quality

Even the highest-grade materials can fail if the build quality is poor. Check if the seam quality is up to the mark. They should be four-ply folded with double stitching for strength and durability.

Additionally, many Jet Ski cover makers include elastic cord in the bottom hem for a secure fit. Adequate straps and strap keepers optimize the competence of the Jet Ski cover. Look for these in the unit you are looking to buy. They do not cost anything extra but transcend the quality of the construction.

Trailerable or Non-trailerable

As I have already mentioned, you need to cover your jet ski when carrying it in your pick-up truck. This is where the trailerable and non-trailerable part comes in. You need extra straps to secure the cover when trailering to prevent being blown away due to the air.

Trailerable covers come with extra straps and belts whereas non-trailerable covers do not. If you are in an area where you need to tow your Jet Ski to the water, do not forget to pick a trailerable cover.


Many Jet Ski covers come with some accessories that might not seem much but increase the value by a mile. A storage bag can be a nice inclusion in the package. You can use it to carry the cover.

Also, there are air vents, zippered access points, etc. for proper ventilation and accessibility. While these features are not mandatory, it’s sure nice to have them.

Warranty Policy

Jet ski covers often tear due to indiscrete usage. Even if you are careful with the cover, any type of damage can occur at any time as it’s being actively used all the time. So, a consumer-friendly warranty policy and after-sales service are especially important. Get your unit from a renowned vendor to stay unworried.



Do not listen to anyone; once you get a Jet Ski, get a cover fast. Think of it as the charger of your phone. The difference is that the charger comes with the phone, but you have to purchase the cover separately. It’s just as important.