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What is a Good Gift for Hiker? (Top 15 Items They Want)

Hiking is one of the very adventurous activities.

Here are some good gift ideas for hikers:


1. Good socks

Gifting good wool socks can be very beneficial. Wearing the wrong socks can ruin the hike of the hiker. A person might get sweaty fit and irritating holes. Henceforth giving a good pair of stocks can be a good gift for a hiker.


2. Some eatables

Getting high cause some eatables which they can carry out during their hike can be very beneficial. It is very much important for a person to be hydrated at the time of hiking. So this can be turned into a good gift. Hiking burns lots of calories and make you hungry.


3. Gifting hydration pack

As it is already mentioned that hydration is very much important at the time of hiking in order to save oneself from dehydration. Dehydration is the most in famous reason due to which a trip can be failed. This could be turn into a good object which would be very helpful and gainful.


4. Providing medical kit for emergency.

This could be also a good thing for a hiker. As in design of emergency if a person is having a handy first aid kit, it become easy to cure and carry on with the enjoyable activity which is very adventurous.


5. Knee braces

It is very important for a person to protect the knees at the time of hiking. Knee braces are the good supporters which can be given to hiker. This will protect the news from unwanted hurts and injuries.


6. Trekking poles

If one wants to give very good gift then trekking poles could be the best option among all. Tera lots of benefit of trekking poles in hiking. This pose gives a support in completing the hiking.


7. A cup

This is one of the simplest forms of gift which can be given to that of a hiker. Hiker always dreams to have a picture with the cup on the hiking trip. Therefore a hike or carrying a cup can be a very useful thing to fulfill his or her dream.


8. Good soap

Seeming irrelevant element but a good soap is a good object to be carried by a hiker in hiking. there are several places in hiking where water runs through and one could wash the hands in order to remove the sweat from it. The main reason behind this is to avoid slipperiness during hike.


9. Tablets to purify water

As it is found in meaning hiking that waterfalls or small pits of water are found at the time of hiking on the way. If one wants to reduce the weight of the backpack and also won’t really available and easily accessible water then that person could be given water purification tablets. It helps a lot because it gives two benefits. The first benefit is reducing the weight of backpack and hence having a long hiking. Second benefit is easily available of water on the way no need to carry it.


10. A cap

One more simple thing but get good thing is gifting a cap. Cap can protect a person’s hair in hiking.


11. Sweatshirt

12. Boots

13. GPS

14. Backpack

15. Water bottle



In nutshell, we can say hacking is very adventurous sports and a person is required to carry lots of equipments with one. It is difficult for a person to carry all the things but a proper planning and strong determination can help him or her to go through this enjoyable activity very nicely.


Hiker needs many things to carry with himself in order to have a good hiking and safe hiking. It is nearly impossible for all the people to search out that what gift can be given to a hiker. So here mentioned some of the most suitable products which can be given to him in order to help him and aid him in his hiking.


Hiking is very adventurous thing and pleasurable thing. Hiking is very different from that of walking and one must glance at what actually 10 mile hiking could be. There are several other gifts which can also be given to hiker for hiking but here mentioned some of the suitable and simple gift which can be given by any person who might not be well aware about hiking or hike.

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