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Increase Your RV Wifi Speed and Distance with Booster

If you are out on the road in your RV having a good time with your friends and family, a slow Wi-Fi signal can turn out to be a real bummer.

Ideally, you can do without a Wi-Fi or an incredibly slow signal strength, but we cannot steer away from accepting that the need of staying connected with your near ones at all times in the 21st century can be almost tagged as indispensable.

However, if you are willing to take a break and keep away from your responsibilities for a while, eliminating a Wi-Fi booster from your list of imperatives wouldn’t be a bad idea. As opposed to this, if you do not want to lose connection and ensure that there’s a backup to enhance the signal strength of the Wi-Fi in your RV, you must get a booster. There are some who argue that getting a Wi-Fi booster can bring about more disadvantages for your RV but, we beg to differ.

Most people have a habit of intermixing the concept of the three terms namely Wi-Fi boosters, extenders, and repeaters but, their applications are way different from one another. Extenders and repeaters are cumulatively known as boosters. Even though the chief objective of employing the two is to make the internet connection stronger, they function in distinct ways.

  • Repeaters

Repeaters are devices that are usually plugged either very close to the router or where the signal strength is comparatively weak to make the most out of it. After it is plugged in, the repeater will pick up a signal from a nearby spot and reproduce it inside your RV thereby, utilizing the area’s connection to directly strengthen the one in your vehicle. As evident from the name of the appliance itself, it will simply repeat the signal strength from the public space or campsite you are in inside the RV.

  • Extenders

Extenders function a little more elaborately than repeaters and require to be affixed with the RV’s router through a physical connection like an Ethernet cord. The biggest advantage of having an extender at your disposal is that the device can translate whatever signal is being emitted by the router into a much stronger one. For that, you will not have to depend on any other adjoining connection like in the case of repeaters.


The dark side of owning a Wi-Fi booster for your RV

As far as the impacts of the repeaters are concerned, it can lead to the lagging of your router’s performance. The bandwidth (the speed at which the data is traveling through the air to reach the devices) gets affected by a repeater. It is because, when the repeater is connected with the Wi-Fi router, it inevitably creates a little pressure on the bandwidth; but, on the brighter side, it will cover the completely dead areas. Thus, if you are trying to enhance the Wi-Fi connection with your campsite’s internet, it will probably get connected but, the speed might not be that great.

Also, there’s this additional problem with the budget. Setting up a Wi-Fi in your RV in itself would be a tad expensive and on top of it, if you get any of these boosters, it would increase your bill. Besides, you will have to carry around and keep a track of innumerable cords and be compatible with the rudiments of computer set up and syncing which, in turn, means that you’ll end up investing a fair chunk of your time to getting these components fixed.


The top 4 Wi-Fi boosters available in the market

Now that we have deciphered that installing a Wi-Fi booster in your RV is indeed a viable recourse, we will be presenting you with the top 4 options that you should consider getting your hands on.

  • Google Wi-Fi system

The Google Wi-Fi system is, undeniably, the most sophisticated and useful piece of device that you can ever own. Forget those boosters and routers that come in hefty sizes and have an infinite number of wires of antennas fortifying them. The Google Wi-Fi system is accompanied by a single wire and characterized by the virtues of sleek look and high-performance speed, which happen to be the two most important features of a powerful booster. Another advantage that we cannot miss out on here is that anybody can set this device up, regardless of their experience with Wi-Fi boosters or, any other such device for that matter.

  • Alfa Wi-Fi Camp 2 Wi-Fi repeater

If you are on the lookout for something that is both reliable and durable, the Alfa Wi-Fi Camp 2 Wi-Fi repeater should be somewhere on the top of your wish-list. The kit Wi-Fi repeater kit comprises an R36A portable router, USB, wireless adapters, and an antenna with high sensitivity that can be used outdoors. Most users who have procured this device in the past have revealed that the wireless adapter fetches remote Wi-Fi connection almost immediately after it is switched on. As for the R36A router, it efficaciously broadcasts the signal obtained by its counterpart to provide you with an improved and consistent source of the internet. Let’s not forget that assembling and configuring the elements included in the repeater kit is easy!

  • PDQ Connect All-Pro Wi-Fi range extender hotspot

The PDQ Connect All-Pro Wi-Fi range extender has a router, pre-programmed amp, a multi-purpose mounting option, and a 25-feet outdoor CAT 5 cable and a protective guard. The router hotspot has been enabled with maximum coverage of 50 feet which implies that you can smoothly capitalize on the internet connection from any spot inside the vehicle. Even though the Wi-Fi amplifier is meant to reach a distance that is 15-20 miles away from its location, the strength of the connection will vary as per the conditions of the geographical area you are using it in and the nature of the devices connected to it. Moreover, the extender can be connected with all the gadgets and devices operating on Wi-Fi such as TV, iPhones, Android phones, laptops, PCs, etc.

  • D-Link Wi-Fi range extender

The D-Link Wi-Fi range extender is one of those devices that can be connected with every wireless router under the sun and therefore, you can bid the ordeals of carrying a thousand extra cords goodbye! You can save a lot of time with the extender as it is a one-touch setup and is capable of connecting with up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. The area of coverage can be enlarged up to 600ft with the D-Link Wi-Fi range extender and is best-suited to augment the internet speed by 10-20mbps.


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