Top 10 Best Places to Jet Ski in the USA (You Should Experience)

When it comes to adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, jet skiing is second to none. Be it lakes, rivers, bays, or any open waters of the ocean, you are guaranteed to enjoy the sport to the fullest. But still, each area will offer different thrills, experiences, and sights you can enjoy.


For Jet Skiing, you can check out the coastlines of Miami, Florida, and California for the best experiences. You can also choose among the best lakes as well, such as Lake Tahoe, Lake Michigan, Lake Cumberland, and many others.


1. Lake Cumberland

Located in Southern Kentucky, Lake Cumberland is one of the most popular destinations in the entire United States with over 1,255 miles of shoreline. The long shoreline borders the most crystal clear waters and it’s perfect for many sought-after water activities like boating, fishing, jet-skiing, kneeboarding, water skiing, and many others. Cumberland Lake is most popularly known as the world capital of houseboats.

Cumberland Lake is the largest lake by volume and is located in the East of the Mississippi River. Because the lake is so popular, you will find no shortage of room for your family or your crew. A huge number of rustic and charming accommodations, public facilities, and utilities are available at your service.

You will also have just as much access to many other beautiful and captivating natural wonders of nature. If you travel just 40 miles to the East, Daniel Boone National Forest is another great place you can explore.

If you are there hanging out with your crew, Cumberland Lake has much to offer with full-service marinas that provide an abundance of fuel piers, slips, and restaurants. You will find options for the most awesome watersports readily available and the overall vibe of the place is very laid back. You can rent any boats or skis or whichever you prefer.



2. New York Harbor

Can you imagine skimming across the wild waves of the New York Bay while enjoying all the grand scenarios of New York? It may sound too good to be true but it’s easily possible. You can experience all the best sights of the grand city by jet skiing in the New York Harbor and also explore several places near the East River and Hudson River.

On the New York Harbor Jet Ski tour, you get to enjoy various top attractions such as the Manhattan Skyline, the grand Statue of Liberty, the Brooklynn and Manhattan Bridges, Empire States Building, and many others that are usually hard to catch views of on the streets. On your next trip to the Big Apple, spice it up by adding some thrilling Jet Skiing to the mix.

You will find amazing package deals at a reasonable price as well. To top it all off, the experience would be led by a guide that knows all about the massive harbor and makes sure you don’t miss any attractions or get lost.



3. Lake Tahoe

Sitting on the borders of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is surrounded by towering trees and alpine mountains. Most popularly known as the “Best Lake in America”, it’s obvious that you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t visit Lake Tahoe. Other than the pristine views of the forests and hills of southern Kentucky, you will find many places where you can rent Jet Skis.

Many other water sports such as scuba diving, fishing, parasailing, boating, and others are available as well. Other than the thrilling outdoor activities such as skiing all year round, you also get much entertainment, arts, dining, culture, and high-shopping.

Be it the warmer days of summer or colder ones in the winter, Lake Tahoe is an equally amazing place to visit at all times. Even during the summertime, you will find the water at the perfect temperature of 65 degrees. The lake has much to offer and just a little bit of something for everyone.

Lake Tahoe has as many as 25 beaches and the shoreline stretches over 72-miles in Nevada and California. You will find Sand Harbor and Kings beach on the North Shore and Regan Beach and Kiva Beach on the South Shore. If you like less crowded places, you can avoid the beach areas and explore these areas.



4. Miami Beach

Since we are talking about destinations best for Jet Skiing, the list would not be complete without talking about Miami Beach. The gorgeous blue waters, beautiful views, and sunny weather of the beach, ocean, and Miami Skyline are ever-present throughout the year. Needless to say, it is the perfect destination for Jet Skiing.

If you are on a vacation or a family trip, you will find much more than just outdoor activities at Miami Beach. You can go for a tour around the many islands surrounding the beach such as Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, or Virginia Key. A guided tour in the Biscayne Bay sounds excellent as well where you can visit the Star, Palm, and Hibiscus Islands or the Venetian islands.



5. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is one of the most well-known summer destinations in the United States. It’s a water sports hub for numerous cities including Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Chicago. Because four cities share the beaches, you will find many resorts along the coast of the lake. Known for its popular rentals and sports club, it’s another great destination for jet skiing.

If you plan to visit Lake Michigan to Jet Ski, the best time would be between late July and early August when the water is at its warmest. The water is very calm and quiet as well so it might be a great choice for beginners. There are spots for professional water sport enthusiasts as well where they can show off their remarkable skills.



6. Lake Powell

Stretched along the Arizona-Utah border, Lake Powell has a shoreline of over 250 miles. It’s a powerhouse destination for watersports with gorgeous rock formations any adventurous Jet Ski rider would appreciate. Lake Powell is famous for being a great family getaway and it offers one of the most unique and striking desert views in all of the United States.

The water temperature of Lake Powell ranges from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit in May to around 80 August. The brilliant contrast between the bluish-green water of Lake Powell and the desert rock landscape is a feast for your eyes. The best part of this lake is that it is hard to get bored of the lake’s shore, waterways, or island even after days of exploration.

You can easily find a berth if you bring your own PWC or rentals to get some equipment when you’re at Lake Powell. In fact, there’s a vacation rental at the central location of the lake. From there, you can visit other beautiful locations like the Rainbow Bridge, Glen Canyon Dam, or Hole-in-the-rock.

Something unique about visiting Lake Powell as a water sport enthusiast can be the many houseboats you get to choose from. You have the option to stay on the water the whole trip and never leave the lake at all.

Staying on a houseboat the whole night may sound like any watercraft rider’s wildest dream but this can be an interesting part of your vacation. But if you are with a family, you can also look for resorts along the lake with food and many other facilities.



7. Lake Weir

If you want to get away from crowded beaches and cities, Lake Weir can be the perfect destination for Jet Skiing. Located in Marion County of Central Florida’, it’s a great location for various freshwater watersports including Jet Skiing. Because it’s a freshwater lake, the water is more gentle and calm.

Many personal watercraft owners love Lake Weir because it is close to many popular tourist attractions like Disney and Orlando. However, others find the lake more attractive because of the Ocala National Forest. So if you can plan for a relaxing day of Jet Skiing on the beautiful waters and plan to visit other popular places as well.

Lake Weir has few places to rent jet skis or equipment, so bringing your own PWC might be the best option. If you want to buy equipment after reaching the destination, you might need to travel a bit far. There are a few places where you can grab food as well.


8. Lake Ouachita

With 40,000 acres of shoreline and unique islands, Lake Ouachita spreads throughout the Arkansas countryside. The lake is almost 36 miles long and offers more than 90 camping spots. If you want to visit a lake for amazing outdoor-focused activities, Lake Ouachita can be a great destination for both Jet skiing and camping.

Lake Ouachita has much to offer whether you want to visit individually or with your family. You will find unique islands scattered all across the lake. With over 200 islands to explore and camp, any adventurous soul can spend days exploring the lake on their Jet Ski or off it.

If you are not interested in camping and there just to enjoy some water sports, you will find many popular lake activities readily available. Pleasure boating, jet skiing, sailing, parasailing, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, scuba diving are among the many activities you can engage in.

The Ouachita Lake is quite close to many fine dining places, resorts, and other natural attractions as well. The comfortable water temperature will start at 70 degrees in May and rise to 80 degrees or even 90 degrees in July and August.  



9. The Florida Keys


The Florida Keys has the most beautifully clear and sparkling blue water surrounding you. It is known as Florida’s best gem and reasonably so. With more than 130 square miles of land area along the coastline, you will have no shortage of open waters to enjoy quality jet-skiing to the fullest.

At the Keys, you can also get to experience the exotic wildlife in the waters. You can even go dolphin-sighting and get to experience them thriving in their natural habitat.

Other than Jet Skiing, Florida Keys is also great for snorkeling. Most Jet Ski rentals allow you open access to all the snorkeling destinations spread scattered across the small islands. Because all the islands are quite close to each other, you can easily snorkel from one area to another.

For Jet Skiing, Florida Keys can offer quite a lot. There’s a wide range of Jet Ski rental companies available and you can easily rent a Jet Ski to forget yourself in an unforgettable adventure among the clear blue waters.



10. Panama City Beach

For the many travelers looking for some fun times during their spring break, Panama City Beach is a popular destination of choice. It may be one of the best places for a thrilling ride on the Jet Ski, but there’s a whole lot more the destination has to offer. The area is famously known for beautiful white beaches, crystal blue waters, and stretching miles of coastline.

Just the description of Panama City Beach should be enough to tell you, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a huge variety of watersports. A popular track can be riding your Jet Ski on Saint Andrew Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Otherwise, you can also head north and explore the Grand Lagoon or North Bay.

If you grow tired from your Jet Ski adventures, it’s easy to dock the Jet Ski at the many bars or restaurants at Panama City Beach. There are amazing drinks and unique lunch offerings that you can try out. If you have plans to visit beautiful northwestern Florida, make sure to keep a Jet Ski trip at Panama City Beach.



How to Prepare Before Going Jet Skiing?

Whenever summer approaches, we cannot help but anticipate another exciting and fun-filled time. Jet skiing is one of the best water sports that can easily drive away from the summer heat and let you enjoy the adrenaline-filled ride. It’s a popular watersport activity that can take your mind off of everything and let you enjoy your time to the fullest.

No matter whether you are an expert jet skier or an amateur one, there’s much to prepare before any jet skiing excursion. Let’s look at a few checks you should do before you hit the waters:

Make Sure to Check the Gas Tank

If you get your jet ski from the rentals, the staff would make sure the gas tank is okay and fresh and there’s no area of clogging. But if you are planning to bring your watercraft, it’s possible that you haven’t checked the fuel tank in a while.

Before hitting the water, you should empty any old fuel you have and fill it with some new ones. If any areas in the tank had clogs, fresh fuels help to unclog it.

Prepare Your Outfit

When you are going to go Jet Skiing, you are bound to get wet. When you are packing, carry some swimsuits, towels, and few pieces of underwear.

Of course, you can’t operate a jet ski without bringing a life jacket. You can buy them from almost anywhere and they come in various colors, styles, and sizes. Have fun shopping and go for the one you love.

The open ocean means the sun rays will be much more powerful than usual. If you don’t want to get a sunburn, you should pack some sunglasses, a hat, and some extra sunscreen. If you plan to capture all the special moments you may encounter, you can pack a waterproof camera.

First Learn, Then Ride

For amateurs preparing to ride a Jet Ski, you will need to learn how to operate one. The good thing is that you will find most Jet Ski rentals giving out jet-skiing lessons for beginners.

Only when you get accustomed to how to operate a Jet Ski can you enjoy it to the fullest. No one wants to get into any mishaps on their holiday so make sure to pay attention to the lessons.

Check the Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a part of the ignition system of your jet ski’s motor. They are quite vulnerable to moisture. If they get rusty or some sort of damage, it can affect the performance of your Jet Ski. So it’s best to replace them from time to time.

If you haven’t used your jet ski for a while, the spark can develop rust. It’s best to check it before you get on your ride and be on the safe side.

Some Useful Accessories

If you are someone that carries their phone even in the middle of the ocean or a lake, a waterproof phone box may prove useful. Some come in bright coloring so you can easily locate them even if you drop them in the water.

You can also buy a bicycle lock so that you can secure your jet ski before leaving it unattended. They are very cheap and come in a huge variety of sizes as well. If you bring an extra pair of clothes or other items you don’t want to get wet, a dry bag can prove handy.