5 Best Jet Ski Lifejackets to Buy in 2021

Jet Skiing has to be one of the most fun recreational activities you can do. They are fast, fun and will always keep your adrenaline to the top. However, part of the fun that comes with jet skiing has to do with how risky it can be at times. The beach waves are unpredictable and so can be human minds and hands. A small slip can spell disaster, hence, lifejackets are always advised to be worn.

If you’re looking for the best Jet Ski Life Jackets on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. I realize how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of lifejacket models and brands on the market.

1. O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG

O’Neill is like the Apple of all the Lifejacket brands. Men’s Superlite USCG Jet Ski has to be one of their greatest creations. I have chosen this jacket as the best one on the list thanks to the sheer number of positive reviews people have to say about this model. Nevertheless, this one earned its name and reputation for a reason.

It looks tough and protective from the exterior thanks to the combination of Nylon and polyester stuffing making it effective against strong waves and sudden drops in water. On the inside, it feels as comfortable as if you were shirtless.

The stuffing foam used inside makes them perfectly buoyant. They are supported by four 1.5 inch adjustable buckles that are webbed to perfection.

This life jacket also makes your motion independent thanks to its mobility and lightweight body. They also dry very quickly so you’ll never have to worry about jet skiing with a wet feeling on your torso bothering you.

They come in various shapes and sizes catering to the needs of almost everyone. A must-have if you want to go Jet Skiing safely!


  • Type: III
  • Material(s) used: Polyester, Polyethylene (PE) foam
  • Adjustability closure: 4 adjustable Buckles
  • Size(s) available: From S (33-36in chest) to 4XL (57-60in chest)
  • USCG Approval: Yes


Great Buoyancy: Accidents while Jet Skiing won’t even feel much impact thanks to how fast you will be saved from drowning. The excellent materials used such as Nylon, Polyester, and PE foam inside out allows great buoyancy on water.

Sufficient number of Buckles: 4 separate buckles can be adjusted to your criteria at any time. They will hold onto you for life and won’t let go unless you separate the straps from them. Each of the buckles is 1.5 inches and webbed safely. These straps may look too bulky but they are completely lightweight and easy on your torso.

Freedom of movement: The open hollow armholes allow you to have complete mobility and comfort ensured. Unlike many other lifejackets on the list, Superlite ensures that your Jet Ski experience is not affected by any means!

Quick Drying: The materials allow your jacket to become dried very fast without you having breathing difficulty or wetness. A lifesaver for those who want a clean dry body by the time they return to the docks.



Suitable for people who want full mobility while Jet Skiing

Very comfortable and durable

4 Adjustable straps ensuring full-on safety

Highly durable and comfortable

Dries very fast

Has a D-ring to keep essentials with you


None as of now

2. Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Jacket

Has to be the best value choice for us when it comes to our reliable list. This jacket serves all that a jet skiing individual needs for their ventures. It meets all the safety and accessorial demands minus the looks. Straight off the bet let’s be clear on the fact that despite it being made for premium usage, it still looks just like any cheaper lifejackets on the market.

However, don’t let looks fool you because this one is a close competitor to many other life vests on the list. They have exterior and interior made with 200D nylon and PE foam which ensures both comfort, buoyancy, durability are met indefinitely. Moreover, the three adjustable buckles are made just rigid enough to support you through as well as hold the vest together on sides.

The open sides where no materials are used can provide additional mobility for your arms and maneuvering. They are USCG approved and they certainly are made for everyone and anyone. You can buy whole packs of them for everyone in your family for any jet-skiing trips that you may plan.




  • Type: III
  • Material(s) used: 200D Nylon and Polyethylene (PE) foam
  • Adjustability closure: 3 Buckle straps
  • Size(s) available: For all ages and sizes, infants to adult and oversized
  • USCG Approval: Yes


Comes in all shapes and sizes: Yes, they come for everyone, including plus-sized people, teenagers, kids, adults, old people, and even infants. Though we may not suggest taking infants on skiing trips, for obvious reasons, it still is something that these vests are capable of supporting. Their versatility and viability surely set them apart from most other lifejackets.

3 Buckle Strap protection: Not only will they hold down tight on your torso but these straps will also be holding down the open ends on your sides. The open sides make them comfortable and give freedom of movement.

Low price: this has to be the biggest factor when it comes to buying these lifejackets. They are priced as low as $25. Jet Skiing doesn’t require you to have fancy expensive lifejackets after all. Hence, why not allow some saving for a lifejacket that is good enough to get the job done?


  • Impact resistance
  • Comes in all sizes and for literally everyone
  • A design fit for high comfortability
  • Best value and affordable
  • The right amount of buoyancy and durability 


  • The open-ended design may not be considered safe by some
  • Does not look the best


3. O’Neill Assault USCG Life Jacket 

If you want to Jet Ski with style and a lot of cool factors on, then O’Neil’s assault jacket will have you covered. They are made to look premium and they certainly stand for it as well. The Assault USCG life jacket is the most expensive lifejacket on the list for the style they flaunt and premium material used.

Though they have fewer buckles compared to most entries on the list, one unique feature that sets them apart is how they have a front zipper. The zipper adds to some style factor and overall the open hollow arms provide full mobility.

To top it all off, the buoyancy and management of weight on the water are also just as great as you might expect it to be. The jacket is usually tight enough to hold onto your body and the zipper supports the vest all the way through.

They are also the most lightweight life jacket model out in the market. They are specially made for water sports activities other than jet skiing as well.


  • Type: III
  • Material(s) used: Nytrolite foam and Nylon
  • Adjustability closure: Only 2 buckles and a zipper on the front
  • Size(s) available: Short supporting 33-36 chest size to 3 Extra Large 53-56 chest size
  • USCG Approval: Yes


Premium look: As I said, this lifejacket is exactly what you need to flex off your riches. They have a unique design and are specially designed for those who want to look a bit more professional while Jet Skiing. They do not look unnecessarily bulky as most other lifejackets on the list.

Lightweight: The nytrolite foam used for these assault vests are way lighter than polyethylene foam used in other vests on the list. They are also less absorbent towards fluids so they will always stay as dry as possible and will not add extra water weight.

Tight and proper fit: They are specially curated to fit the torso of users perfectly as they specially focus on providing better performance while jet skiing. O’Neil’s assault vests will certainly make your jet Skiing experience a lot better!


  • Very long cool looking zipper at front
  • Made of Nytrolite which is quite premium
  • Extra pads to further strengthen and support your core
  • Minimal and premium design


  • Not many safety buckles compared to others
  • The black design usually absorbs a lot of heat which makes it warm to wear

4. Stohlquist Fit Life Jacket

An ultra-light life jacket that only adds 7Lbs of weight. They also fall under our reasonable pricing with the lowest starting from $25 only. They are safe thanks to the 3 buckle strap ready to hold onto you during your adventures.

This life jacket has the right amount of comfort, mobility, and durability to get you through jet skiing trips with ease. They are made to fit you and almost any certain type of person.

They have a universal fitting status. Almost everyone and anyone can get their hands on one of these and enjoy a safe ride. They are also coast guard approved so there will never be any safety concerns.


  • Type: III
  • Material(s) used: Polyethylene foam and 200D Nylon
  • Adjustability closure: 3 Buckles
  • Size(s) available: Universal size support from 90+ Lbs weight and 30-52 in chest size. Oversized includes support from 90+Lbs and 48-60 in chest size.
  • USCG Approval: Yes


Extra support: There are thin sheer back panels present to further support your core and make it more comfortable to sit on your Jet Ski. They will keep your posture upright and will surely assure in terms of safety

Full mobility: You can move your joints freely to allow you full freedom to move the way you like. The wrap-around sides and the extra-wide made holes for arms are certainly what allows this to happen

Hanging loop: Yeah something that some of the lifejackets may miss out on. You can use this loop for storing any necessary storage or even for drying. The movement and accessibility of this life jacket while skiing are very unrestricted.


  • Loop at back for drying and storage options
  • Buoyancy support of 18 pounds
  • Box stitched buckles that provide safety and durability
  • Thin back panels add extra comfort


  • Not the best design
  • The gaps at sides may feel overwhelming for people with a thin arm built

5. O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo Life Jacket

This is a unique one on the list and it’s not made for everyone, however, it’s still on the list because this is certainly the best Life Jacket made for women who love Jet Skiing. Although this vest may not cater to everyone, it still rules out to be one of the best for various reasons.

They are specially designated for a low bulk design that is easier on females and certainly has an eye-glaring design. It stands out for this unique look with a front zipper and unique pattern on the frontal panel. It will surely catch a lot of attention if one takes it out for jet skiing.

On the other hand, they are also built specially to fit the needs of women. The neoprene built and extra room for the chest makes it breathable, flexible, and certainly the best choice for comfort when it comes to female Jet Ski enthusiasts.

Moreover, it meets all the safety standards with impact resistance and sufficient buoyancy. It is also mobile and lightweight and even has a D-ring attached to keep your accessories in. Certainly the best choice a woman can get when it comes to Life Jackets for Jet Skiing.


  • Type: III
  • Material(s) used: Neoprene
  • Adjustability closure: Only 2 buckles and a zipper on the front
  • Size(s) available: Extra Short (28-32 in chest size) and Extra Large (44-48 in chest size)
  • USCG Approval: Yes


Extra chest room and length: They are certainly designed for women to give them more space to breathe and move around. Unlike other lifejackets that are unisex or made for men, O’Brien Women’s Impulse Neo life is specifically designed to meet the demands of women.

Cool color and designs: One of the best-looking designs for lifejackets out there when it comes to Jet Skiing. They have a nice little wavy pattern with a front zipper and 2 safety buckles that are surely eye-catching. The purple and white neon-like sides are also going to be noticeable from a distance.

Uses Biolite technology: Like most premium lifejackets, Women’s Impulse Neo life also uses this technology to ensure lightweight and full mobility. There are tons of hinge points for added protection and wide armholes for arms moving space.


  • Low weight and mobile
  • Extra room and length
  • D-ring for accessories
  • Comfortable, flexible, sturdy, and breathable


  • Only for women
  • More on the higher budget side


What to Look for When Buying A Lifejacket For Jet Skis?

Now, if you are still not impressed by the selected products on this list and want to look for a lifejacket similar to your criteria and need, then feel free. However, before you do so, give this section a read as I’ll be discussing the things that you should look for when buying a lifejacket for Jet Skiing.

US Coast Guard Approval: Do not buy any lifejacket that is not USCG approved. It’s also not legal to go Jet skiing without one although the law may vary within states.

Type of Lifejacket: Always buy type 3 Life Jackets as they are specially made for personal watercrafts such as Jet Skis. These type 3 vests support a buoyancy level of 15.5 pounds which is crucial in jet skiing rides in case of any falls.

Materials: There are many types of materials available for Jet Ski life jackets, however, neoprene, PE, polyester, nylon, and nytrolite are the best choices you have. Try to choose life jackets made of these materials for optimum comfort and durability

Fitting- You should always try out a lifejacket and see how it fits first. If it’s too tight or too loose then it’ll only hinder your jet skiing performance and experience. You need to keep in mind that life jackets fitting may vary depending on the clothes you wear below and adding wetness to it.

Hence, buying tighter lifejackets is not big of a problem. Buy according to your chest sizes and always prioritize snug fitting.

Visibility- Lifejackets need to be visible from afar and thus it’s crucial at times for them to have bright flashy colors. This makes rescuing easy as jet skiing can get you far out into the waters away from support. In these cases, it’s best to wear a lifejacket with bright color that can catch others attention when it comes to emergencies.