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How to Sell a Used RV for Quick Cash

Tips for selling your Used RV:

There are so many things that demand your attention while finding the best buyer for your used RV. As these are expensive vehicles, many people are interested in spending on a used one to save some money.

Set price for your RV:

The first most thing you need to do for selling your used RV is determining the sale price. It is important to mention that RVs keep on depreciating like other vehicles. While setting up the sale price for your RV, you should first check the present value of your vehicle.


It is better to start searching for other used RVs available in the market and their price range. Some online resources can also help you to estimate the value of your used RV. Once you have obtained information about the value of your RV, it is good to check out prices at local RV dealers. It will help you get some insights on at what amount you can sell it in the local market.

While setting a price for your RV, you should also consider the condition of the vehicle. If some accidents are involved, and the vehicle has suffered major damage in the past; all those things must be considered. Once you have estimated all these details, you can set up a selling price for your used RV.

In case if you still owe some money to the bank or any third party, you may find it little difficult to close the deal. Most of the buyers prefer to investing in a vehicle with a clear title. When you sell your used RV at some dealership, they may pay you the amount remaining after paying off the third-party debts.

Choose the best time to sell:

It may sound little weird, but it is true that there are some specific times when you can get a better deal for your used RV. If you know the best time to sell a used RV, you may naturally find some easy ways to close the deal fast.

There are a few important things to consider while selling a used RV. The first most thing you need to consider is the state of the economy. When the economy is good, you may find great deals as people are willing to spend money. But when the economy is bad, you are likely to find lesser offers.

Other than this, it is important to check the time of the year for selling your RV. It is good to avoid selling your used RV in the holiday season because people may be less willing to consider offers. You should advertise during the end of the winter season when people are planning their summer road trips. At the same time, it is good to consider gas prices while selling your RV. When gas prices are high, people will avoid buying RVs, but the time when gas prices are low, you may get better offers.

Highlight details of your RV:

There is no point in keeping your RV on sale for a long time. If it stays in the market for a longer time, you may get a lesser price for it. You should make the deals more attractive and valuable to the buyers. The idea is to highlight all its features that could prove the edge over other used RVs available in the local market.

You have to make additional efforts to prepare your RV for sale. People should find it a valuable choice whenever they come for a visit. Work on inside-out detailing so that it could impress the potential buyers. Check if it needs any major repair, handle it before putting your RV on sale. The lights, appliances and systems must be in proper working conditions. At the same time, the doors and windows must be operating well. Replace the stained and worn out items; otherwise, they may reduce the value of your vehicle.

Before putting your RV on sale, you should check all its paperwork and make sure that it is ready to show to the potential buyer. It includes the RV fact sheet, title, bill of sale and the maintenance records as well. Experts also advise pressure washing the engine and generator on time. While showing your RV to the customers, keep the curtains open so that it looks airy and bright inside. Pu some flowers and plants in the available area and hang some bright towels in the bathroom. You should highlight all the specialities of your RV to lead a successful marketing campaign.

Make sure to clean it up inside and out. Put on new tires, wipers, and lights.

Where to advertise?

Next big question in every mind must be where to advertise your RV. Advertising your RV using print media may be a costly affair; hence, experts advise putting ads online. There are so many social media channels that you can use for advertisements. Other than this, RV owners can also check out some websites that are ready to sell you sell used RVs online. You can put the sale sign along with the price tag and highlight the special features to capture audience attention.

Make sure your ad is simple and engaging. Prefer to add some catchy photos of your RV, and you can even put a video online. You can run advertising campaigns on YouTube as well to capture the attention of interested buyers.


It usually takes some time to get the best price offer for your used RV, but if you follow right tricks for putting it on sale, you can definitely close the deal with the win-win condition. Be honest with the potential buyers and make a genuine deal for your used RV. Keep all the documents ready in advance and close the deal with a profitable price tag.


For the first time RV sellers, it may be a little complicated task to get the right deal. But if you make some efforts, you can definitely close it at a profitable price.


Selling a used RV makes a great financial decision. But it is not that easy to put it on sale. After all, RVs are expensive and buying them could be a major investment for people. The purchase decision cannot be made randomly; rather, it requires a thoughtful financial commitment. You need to follow some expert tips and tricks to close the deal at some win-win condition.

Spare a few minutes to go through these ideas, and soon you will be able to close a profitable deal.



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