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List of 5 Folding Tables to Bring on Camping Trip

Are you planning for camping vacations?

A folding table is on the list of must have gear.

Probably you are looking for destinations that offer easy access to essential amenities. Some of you might be eager to enjoy a memorable time with kids at picnic spots. Few of these destinations even have picnic tables, but it is not possible to enjoy such facilities at all picnic destinations.

One picnic table is not always enough; especially when you are travelling with kids or in the large group. In such situations, carrying your own foldable table may be a great choice. After all, it will help you ensure more comfort during camping vacations.

Market these days is loaded with plenty of folding camping tables. Buyers may often get confused among available options to pick the best one for their needs. Don’t worry! Here we have listed the best ones to help you make an easy selection.

We have years of camping experience, and all these tables are tested and rated. Hence, you can rely on these recommendations and choices of products. They will surely promise you a comfortable and fun-rich holiday season.

Best camping tables you should buy:

There are generally three types of camping tables: utility table, dining table and cooking table. The utility table is the most widely preferred option for camping trips. These one-piece, flat tables assist in easy storage of things; but they do not have any cooking features. On the other side, dining tables are comparatively higher than the utility tables; you can put legs underneath these tables to ensure a comfortable eating experience. Furthermore, the cooking tables have special cooking features. Many of these are even designed to house a portable grill and may even work as a base for kitchen during camping. However, these cooking tables are a little bit expensive as compared to the other two options.


Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Adjustable Camping Table:

Coleman is a famous brand in the furniture industry, and here we have listed a famous foldable and adjustable height table from this brand. It is made up of durable aluminium frame, which also helps to keep the overall weight minimum. It means you can easily carry this compact table to your camping destinations.

This table is very versatile; you will find it easier to convert into four different types. Moreover, it can also be converted into two small tables with a stylish look at the campsite. The durable brackets add more stability to the table, and the foldable design ensures easy storage while moving outdoors. The overall weight of this table is just 12 pounds; hence, it can be easily loaded and unloaded into a car. The overall weight carrying capacity of this table is 300 pounds, and it can handle a variety of needs. The manufacturers also offer a one-year warranty on this product, and it can also be used for BBQ needs at home.

KingCamp Camping Table:

This camping table is made up of aluminium and steel material. Although steel legs add some extra weight to this table, it still ensures greater durability and stability; even when you are camping in the poor weather. This durable table allows an overall weight capacity of 176 pounds, and it is rated as the strongest table in the market. The aluminium material used to design this table is heat-treated which enhance its strength and make it a more reliable choice for cooking as well.

The foldable design makes it easier to carry even to the tough camping sites. This table is fine for almost 4 to 6 tables. Although it is a little bit expensive, you will find it a great choice for your routine outdoor adventure activities. Furthermore, the manufacturers are ready to offer a 1-year warranty to ensure more peace of mind to the buyers. It can also sustain different weather conditions while promising long life service.

Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen Table

Those who are looking for a camping cooking table with a durable and sturdy design, this amazing product from Coleman can serve your needs. It is made up of aluminium material and is loaded with a variety of features that are must for cooking needs. One of the most amazing additions to its design is the removable sink that can be attached and detached as per requirement.

The package also includes a secondary table which can be used to handle cooking stove so that you can cook with full comfort on camping tours. There is one lantern holder that can help you to illuminate the area at night. Other than this, you will also find a utensil holder and a tiny dustbin. The only downside of this table is its heavyweight; however, the good thing is that it comes with a one-year warranty. You should definitely invest in this product to make your camping tours memorable and full of comfort.

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table:

In case if you are looking for a small side table, this camping side table from Trekology can serve your needs better. It is made up of durable aluminium material and can withstand most of the weather conditions. This table is available in a variety of size ranges; hence, dimensions and weight range will also vary.

This table has a maximum capacity of 50 pounds only, and you can fold it into tiny size when not in use. Even the largest table in this category is 3.8 pounds only; that is why it is widely recommended for backpackers. You can strap it easily into your backpack.

You will be happy to hear that this table is currently available in different colour ranges and is fully waterproof as well. Although the overall height is just 16 inches, most people find it just fine for dining needs. It can also be used as a patio table when you are not out for camping.

Now you have gone through four different camping table product reviews. It is time to pick the most suitable one and get ready for another camping tour with family and friends.


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