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3 Best Places In Texas For Kayak Fishing

Unsurprisingly Texas happens to be one of the best places for kayak fishing.

Texans know that food is best served and admired when you hunt for it yourself. It is a rewarding experience, one that should not be missed out on if you are a fan of fishing.


Devil’s River:

If you ask anyone where the best place is to go for kayak fishing in Texas, nine out of ten times they will indefinitely say Devil’s River. The very first thing you will see there just might leave your mouth gaping.

The raw, wild beauty is reflected in the cliffs jutting up all around as well as the dry sagebrush and of course the crystal clear water of the river housing several kinds of fish. The clarity of the water though may take your breath away, will also alert the fish of your presence.

This can make it a little harder to fish especially if you are new to this. Not only can you hope to feast on mouth-watering seafood here you can also get up to a bit of fun. There are rapids in this area that can provide some much-needed thrill after a lazy day of fishing without being too overwhelming.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the ideal spot to isolate yourself with the glittering stars above you and the magnificent cliffs surrounding you.


Lake Lewisville:

Lakes and rivers in Texas are known to have an awe-inspiring charm that is hard to shake off from the mind once you set eyes on them.

Lake Lewisville is one of the lakes that steal the top spot on the list. If you want to go for kayak fishing with breathtaking views, this is the place you should be considering.

Though several people prefer to share in this beauty in the summer, you can come at another time if you want to be alone with nature. The plethora of fish species that you can hope to catch here includes various types of bass and catfish along with white crappie.

That makes for some good eating especially if you find a pleasant spot in the outdoors to cook it. The calm body of water will not unbalance or trouble you in the least even if you are completely new to this.


Lady Bird Lake:

Situated in downtown Austin, Lady Bird Lake was named after the First Lady of the United States. It is one of the best and most accessible spots when it comes to kayak fishing.

Whether you are highly experienced or a newbie just trying to get a taste of something new, you cannot go wrong with this beautiful lake. A small fact that might get your heart pumping with excitement is that people even pull out fish that are twelve pounds heavy here.

If you want to treat yourself to scrumptious seafood that will have you licking your fingers, you better not miss out on this place. If you end up getting bored of fishing the entire day you can even go for paddleboarding here.

Hiking is also an option if you feel like getting out of the water for a while so there is no lack of activities to do once you make your way here.

Though there are several different rivers where you can have this memorable experience, there are some that truly top the list due to their breathtaking scenery and the quality of the fish as well as that of the water.

Get a couple of buddies to join you on this trip as you mount kayaks to hunt fish and set up camp nearby in the scenic area to cook it conventionally over a fire. Feel what it really means to be in the outdoors.

Kayak fishing is an activity that has its own unique form of excitement. The prospect of catching large, mouth-watering fish while drifting lazily on a kayak or even riding the rapids among several such recreational activities can get anyone’s pulse racing. If you want to maintain a good balance between relaxing and having fun be sure to try out some of the several lakes and rivers in Texas.

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