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Are mountain bikes good for hills? 

Mountain biking are great for hills, they are all about riding in the mountains and exploring nature taking up the challenges. They come with gears so you can make it up a steep incline.


Mountain biking is made possible only due to gears and fat tires, this is because you can never use a normal road bike instead of a mountain bike. You might also have observed the difference between a normal bike and a mountain bike.

Mountain bike is made in such a way to resist the harshest conditions and uneven paths of the mountain, no matter how dirty or full of mud. The mountain bike has a thick tire and the strong forks to withstand the maximum backward force on it. Such a proper and strong structure of the mountain bike makes it easy to be used in the mountains.

The major question that arises over here is whether this kind of bike can be used in other places or not. The simple answer to this question is that Yes of course since the bike is made to uphold the harsh conditions it can be perfectly be used in the hills as well.

But still will not be preferable on the normal roads because it will require more effects than normal bikes so why waste energy. So, the mountain bikes are just perfect to be used in the hills. Below we will discuss how we can make the mountain bikes best be used in the hills. 

Major set up for the hills:

Lower your seat: Generally, when we go on the ride on a normal road we prefer to keep our seat to be as high as possible so that you do not have to rock your hips or knock your knees. But at the same place when you are mountain biking downhill, you need to have the seats very low.

This is so because when you are going downhill, you will be able to shift your butt way more rearward that it would be otherwise. Also because if you get a sudden stop and your seat is up you will get major harm getting smashed against the back of the seat and that will hurt really bad. 

Tire Choice:  Tire choice is a great thing to consider about the mountain bike while taking it to the hill. Instead of getting the tires pumped up to the max like you would want for cycling on the pavement, in this case, you need to do the opposite because the lower it is, the more traction you will have.

You need to start with the front tire at 30psi and the rear at 32psi. Also, you need to try dropping the pressure by 5psi to get more grip. You also need to try to get away with as low of a tire pressure. You also need to trust the shoulder of your tire as it can grip quite a bit when you are cornering on the top ridges or near edges. 

Get to know your pedals: One of the major parts of your mountain bike is your pedal which is the basic part as you control your whole system from it. The pedals give the secure condition between your feet and the bike. You also news to make sure that the pedal ate in the proper situation. You can also make a proper review of the tie clips or the clipless pedals as well. Sometimes in the hilly places, you need to give the force to your pedal and if it doesn’t have a hard grip, this can result in the slip. So make sure the pedals are in the proper conditions.

Along with the other parts of the mountain biking, you also need to properly look over the forks and the brakes of the bike. You need to also get some of the major information about how to use these parts and in which situations.

To use your mountain bike in the hills you need to watch over the best forks that can compress no more than 20% of the fork travel. Also do not use the brakes wherever you want without any requirement. You should also not make the brake and the turn at the same time because it is a lot from your tires which can hamper your bike and you as well. 

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