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Avoiding A Sunburn On Hikes

You can stay away from sunburn pain from hiking if you use sunscreen, go in early morning, and cover up. This is one of the dangers.

If you ask people what they like to do for a fun, adventurous weekend some of them would answer hiking for sure. You can never go wrong with it if you are seeking out some much-needed thrill as long as the trails are marked clearly and all safety measures are in place.

There is one thing however that no one can protect you from if you ignore it, sunburn. You cannot just lather on the sunscreens when you are lying on a colorful blanket on the beach with the waves crashing gently nearby. You need to consider it even while plodding through low, straggly bushes and rock-strewn paths that will lead you through a maze of tall trees.

The shade will not provide you with complete protection from the sun if you are constantly on the move and that is exactly why you should read on to find out how you can protect yourself from a nasty sunburn while having fun.


Take A Bottle Of Sunscreen Along:

Sunscreen will be one of your most loyal companions on trips like these where you are bound to be exposed to intense sun rays. Be sure to apply at least one with SPF 15 before you head on out to explore the long, tiring trails. It will be wiser if you get that part done with about half an hour before you know you need to go outside.

Since you will be walking for a pretty long time under the burning sun you can expect your sweat pores to stop being shy and open up, allowing you to be fairly drenched. Times like these a waterproof sunscreen may be a smart idea since that will keep offering you protection better than the kind that will just drain away at the first hint of sweat.

Wear Something That Covers You Up Adequately:

There are specific clothes that are meant to provide as much coverage from UV rays as possible. You will find certain brands selling such clothes whose chemicals and designs are given careful consideration in order to provide the most protection.

If you do not want to go for them, simply wear a long-sleeved shirt and a hat. Sunglasses can help you navigate better in the daytime if the sun rays are extremely intense and provide an extra cover against them too. The lesser you bare your skin, the lesser the chance there is for it to be sunburnt.


Choose The Perfect Timings:

There is a certain time duration when the UV rays hit the strongest. That lies between 10 am and 4 pm. Though this time offers a tremendous view and plenty of light for you to navigate with it is also likely to cause some damage to your skin.

Working around it is the best solution as you can head out early at dawn when the weather is crisp and endless possibilities await you. If you love your sleep more than anything and cannot imagine dragging yourself up before the sun is even out properly, choose a hiking trail that will provide adequate shade and cover.


Visit A Doctor From Time To Time:

You may not think this is high on the list of priorities. After all, it is just a bit of sunburn. What even is the big deal? The deal happens to be pretty sizeable especially since skin cancer is always a possibility. If you are an experienced hiker who goes for it very frequently, you should definitely consider getting yourself looked at.

Odd moles, rashes, or freckles may seem completely normal at first but they just might end up surprising you. Avoid getting such bad surprises and visit a doctor instead to get early treatment if something goes awry.

Sunburns may seem like a normal aspect but it is best that you do not allow them to be. You can have as much fun as you want hiking through nature’s finest while keeping yourself properly protected from harmful UV rays. Do not take this lightly and make sure that your protection is your first priority.

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