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Camping Gluten-Free Food to Make Camp Kitchen

Gluten-free camping can seem challenging because of the many things you feel you need to account for. If you have the kitchen and recipes then it is easier. You can make oatmeal, sandwiches, chicken, and other foods.


Building A Gluten-Free Camp Kitchen Camp

Although most campers carry your home kitchen equipment for camping, it is not a good idea. Try as much as possible to have a piece of separate kitchen equipment for camping. You can place it covered in a bin once you are ready for your weekend outdoor trip.

The Essentials for Camp Kitchen

  • Camp stove. When you have set your mind that you are going out for camping, keep in mind that camp-stove is a must-have.
  • A good cooler. The last thing you want to experience in camping is your food going bad. Campers will tell you that it is annoying and expensive at the same time. For this reason, shop for a good cooler that will keep your food cold for days, and you will not have to worry about having to get out and buy another food, or ice for that matter.
  • A jet boil. Of course, you already have a camp stove to prepare any meal you want to have. But jetboil is great for making you a cup of coffee in the morning! Waking up very early in the morning just fire up your big camping stove just for a coffee? Get a jetboil! And you know what? You can easily use jetboil when you are backpacking too.
  • Camp table. Of course, you may not need to have a camp table when you are going to a campground that offers picnic tables. But still, you can use a camp table to store your kitchen stuff as you prepare your meals.
  • Camp dishwasher set. The GCI Outdoors enamel dishware set will work best for you.
  • A good set of pots and pans. You can use old pots and pans around the house.
  • A good knife. You can bring this from your home.

Gluten-Free Camping Food to Make

Camping food hacks.

Gluten-Free Camping Breakfast Ideas

During summer, you will probably wake up very early in the morning because the sun rises early. Some campers starting with a cup of coffee, then move on to breakfast. Depending on your meal plan, the following options will help you out.

The gluten-free bar oatmeal: these are quite easy to prepare for your breakfast. You just need to add hot water.

Breakfast sandwiches: do you love slices of bacon and sausages? Well, you can make breakfast sandwiches with those, together with scrambled eggs and cheese, and gluten-free toast. You can use apples, strawberries, or bananas for fruits.

Breakfast scramble: Mushrooms, spinach, sausage or bacon, eggs, cheese, and a side toast.

Bagels, cream cheese, and fruit

Gluten-Free Camping Lunches

Your lunch should be portable quick, and very easy to prepare so that you can find more time to enjoy the rest of the day.

For gluten-free camping lunch, sandwiches, a snack, and fruit can work best for you. Try out sandwiches, chips, and watermelon, or chicken salad sandwiches.

Preparing Gluten-Free Camping Dinners

Did you know that dinners are the main events in camping? Because at this time, you have spent your day hiking, driving, or exploring the campground. So, this is the time to get some good meals.

This is where you probably need rotisserie chicken tacos, Thai peanut chicken, chicken sausages, rice, and salad.

Tips for Better Gluten-Free Camping Food

Make Your Meal Plan Before You Set Off for Camping. This is very essential so that you know what you need to pack already.

Buy A Camping Stove. Using a camp stove is much easier than trying to cook over a campfire.

Put More Focus on Breakfast and Dinner. For lunch, most campers will tell you to focus on getting some sandwiches and snacks to take you through your activities.

Gluten-free camping is not that difficult. You just need to do early preparations and ensure everything is in place. Develop your meal plan to know all foods you need to pack.

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