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Can you lose weight by mountain biking? 

Apart from being the best recreational activity, mountain biking gives us a great way to lose weight and get a proper body shape. You can burn 700 calories per hour cycling depending on your size and intensity.

But still being overweight and over shaped makes it difficult even to ride the bike in the mountains.

This paradox can be overcome if you learn to wash yourself in mountain biking. To deli so you can start up with normal cycling and then level up yourself. 

Mountain biking is more effective and efficient as compared to workouts and normal cycling in order to lose weight. This is because mountain biking requires more effort to pull the bike in the mountains and thus it burns the more amount of calories from the body. 

So, mountain biking will be the perfect sport to lose weight, and even if you continue regularly, you will observe the difference very few times. Here are some of the ways through which you can use weight by mountain biking.


  • When you start cycling in the mountains, at first you need to begin with a speed and frequency that meets your comfort. At the beginning focus on a moderate-intensity workout instead of jumping to the intense one which can be risky for you. You can aim for 100 minutes of biking per week at the beginning of your mountain biking session.
  • Once you get started with mountain biking, you can gradually increase the length of your bike rides. In order to lose weight, you must focus on gradually increasing the timing of the work out rather than focusing on the intensity. This is the most efficient way to lose weight and is scientifically proven. So going up to 150 minutes per week is also really good and efficient to reduce weight once you are done with the basic learning.
  • When you start a regular session of mountain biking, you will start facing several challenges in the way. After getting such challenges you must have to increase the intensity of your ride. You need to choose the more challenging and less developed trails and also should include more hills in your workout. This will help in burning the calories more efficiently. This can slow down your cycling but still will increase the intensity of your workout. Finally, you will start observing the change in yourself which will be a positive one. 
  • Once you are in your way to lift weights through mountain biking and applying all the major steps, you need to now examine whether you are going right or not, and whether you are able to burn the proper amount of calories or not. So, you just need to track the number of calories you are burning. The research shows that a person of 200 pounds will burn 650 calories in an hour of mountain biking. In a similar way, you can make a rough estimate. Because the major calorie burn depends on the intensity of the workout. You can either use a heart rate monitor which depicts the calorie burn which will help you to work on your work intensity. 
  • The major point to remember while planning to lose weight through mountain biking is your diet and daily workout schedule. Although you are properly doing the mountain biking sessions but still if you do not have control in your calorie intake, it will be of no use. So, make sure you have a proper calorie intake. You also should focus on calorie burn through the exercise and only both combined will help you to reduce the weight. 

Thus, the above mentioned were the major steps that you must take while trying to lose your weight through mountain biking. This will give you a positive result in not more than a month. You will start observing the changes.

This will not only help in losing weight but will also help you to gain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. It also keeps away the risk of any kind of disease related to cardio and other parts of the body. Obesity can be best cured by or and accompanied by a proper diet plan and schedule. So, follow up a healthy schedule and focus on your daily calorie intake so that it will be beneficial for your weight loss process.

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