Do RV Parks allow Truck Campers?

Most RV parks do allow truck campers. Call ahead or view website just to be sure.

Camping is one of the most preferred recreational activities which is really fun to do. But still, it has many challenges and preparations required.

Apart from the other planning and packing, you also need to consider your mode of transportation. You need to make sure which of the sources you are going to opt to reach your destination.

Now, this can majorly depend on the time you are going to span camping outdoors. If you are out just for a day, you can even opt for a bike or else to be safer than a car or the van will be alright. But still apart from such hassles how interesting and perfect will be camping in your vehicle and that’s what the RV parks are made for.


RV parks are the recreational vehicle parks where people with recreational vehicles can enjoy camping in their vehicles. These kinds of parks have their own rules and regulations. All the different kinds of such parks allow the vehicles as per their parking capacity.

Most RV parks never restrict the truck campers to enter the parks and whereas several big RV parks have their own rules and regulations to allow who they want to enter the park. A truck camper is one of the best recreational vehicles and has several advantages to take it out for camping.



Advantages of being a Truck Camper:


When you are out for a long vacation like for five days or even a half month. You obviously opt a truck for camping due to its extended trailer but the major problem rises from its parking problem. But the camping does not have such problems because you do not need to hit a multi-complex to camp, you just require an open street parking spot which is available at the camp parking sites and your camp truck will per se fly into it. 




When you are on any long trip, you obviously will not take all the prepared food because it might get stale and start smelling. And even getting freshly cooked food in the camping site is the most amazing thing you will love to have. You can use a minivan camper and open the back and assemble the cooking over there but it will be awkward in any crowded campgrounds and for that reason, truck campers are considered more reliable. You can carry as much as raw materials according to the choice of each family member and cook it in your truck. Cooking in such a way at the campgrounds just feels a lot adventurous.





You never know that when the weather’s going to be changed. Many times the camping is ruined due to this major reason. So you need to carry all kinds of clothes which will fulfill the needs of every climatic condition. You have enough space to keep the clothes and even you can change it anytime you wish to. It also protects you from the harsh climate outside and works as a perfect emergency stay which will be a comfortable one as well.




Going for outdoor recreational activities like camping for a quite long period of time is really advantageous in a truck camper. This is because the long trip obviously can make you tired anytime and you will require a nap to make yourself charged up for the remaining trip. This can be properly fulfilled in the trucks as you get an adequate space to get a comfortable nap and test whenever and wherever you require it.

Thus, truck campers have their own benefits to be used as the best recreational vehicle in the RV parks. This kind of vehicle is mostly used by a big sized family and is never restricted by the RV parks but still, one going through the rules and regulations of the respective RV parks before entering your truck camper will be more beneficial.


Factors to Consider When Choosing A Truck for Your Truck Camper


  1. Truck’s Payload

Truck’s payload is the amount of weight a truck can carry. It is expressed in kilograms and pounds and is mostly found on a driver’s door pillar sticker. If you are looking for the best truck for your truck camper, remember the payload of your truck matters a lot. Everything you carry in your truck, from passengers to your fully loaded truck camper, needs to be below your truck’s payload. If you don’t follow this protocol, it could lead to suspension and tire failures.


  1. Your Trucks’ Center of Gravity

To determine the center of gravity of your truck, measure the distance from the front wall of your truck to the center of the rare axle. Start measuring on the front wall of the bed of the truck at a point where truck camper could be located when it is mounted on the truck. Use inches to measure the resulting numbers. The center of gravity of your truck camper should be greater than that of your truck.

  1. Fit Compatibility

Ensure you measure and find out if your truck is fit compatible with your truck camper before buying and loading your camper. Measure the bed length and width, cab height, rail height, and the tailgate opening. If you are going to choose a truck with a bumper, keep it at the back of your mind that it may cause compatibility issues with your truck camper.


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  1. We allow truck campers in our RV park–some parks do not. I agree with the last comment–always call ahead. And we had a truck camper for years–great way to camp! 🙂

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