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How Often Should I Oil My Bike Chain?

Oil your bike chain once per sixth months or when it starts squeaking or gets wet. You can oil it more often just be sure to wipe off all the excess.

Mountain biking is a healthy activity performed outdoors. But along with it you also need to take care of the health of your bike itself. Because you will be able to raise the bike only till it is functioning well without any problems. There are several problems that can ruin your mountain biking which you need to consider. Some such are proper washing of the bike, renewal of the parts that have been damaged, and the most important one is lining the chain.

People generally have problems in lining their bike chains. Many questions regarding it might arise in the mind of people such as does the chain need to be oiled every time it is used? So, here we will be discussing everything about oiling your bike chain. 


Why need to oil the chain?

If you are a regular rider you must be aware of the mechanism of how a bike runs. The system designed allows the power from the rider to transfer in the wheels. And in the way, friction in the system will cause power loss. There are several sources of friction in the bike. The oiling of the chain is majorly done to keep the friction minimum and convert maximum input into output. It also saves the cycle from getting damaged by the wear and tear theory of friction. Oiling the chains on time will prevent the rust formation and ensure the smooth working of the bike.


Types of lubes for the bike chain:

Dry Lube: Dry lubes are the best options for mountain bikes because they were invented with the same concept where the chain can pick up the first.  The dry lubes which are widely used and considered the best is one that consists of wax-like substances suspended in a solvent. This one is considered best because when the solvent dries it leaves a light waxy film behind. The best way to use this kind of lube is by cleaning the chain of the bike after the use and applying it for the next ride because it requires some time to dry up.   

Wet Lube: This is a kind of synthetic oil that is majorly used for the bikes that are used in wet conditions to prevent any kind of rusting in the chain. These oils remain wet on the chain and prevents moisture from penetrating into your chain’s plates and rollers. The wet lubes have a great tendency of collecting dust and debris so it is important to a chain after each use. 


Which oil is the best for your bike?

The type of oil which will be suitable for your bike chain depends on what conditions you use or ride your bike. If you are adamant about cleaning the bike and use it in inclement weather then the right choice for you will be the wet lubes. For the rest of the riders of good weather should prefer a dry lube. You also need to care about the quality of the lubes that you are using because low graded can even turn the chain of the bike.


When do you need oil?

What the oiling the chains really do is feel the cracks and crevices where the potential dirt and grime can be collected and also to make the bike run smoothly. So determining the best time to lube your chain is when the cracks and services start getting vacant. Also as per the riding schedule, if you ride your bike 5 miles in a week in good weather as well you can go on for months fir oiling.

But still when you are riding an average 30 miles in a week then you need to oil your bike chain every 2 weeks. And when you start riding 50 miles in a week then you need to oil the chains on every ride. These were the conditions of good weather. But when you ride even 20minutes in wet weather you need to oil the chain right away.

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