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Is Wal-Mart Overnight Parking Safe?

Wal-Mart generously offers its parking lots for RV owners to use to camp for a night or two. The best part is it is completely free and usually safe depending on the store location.

Things To Know About Wal-Mart Camping:

Plenty of Wal-Mart stores offer their parking lots so people can camp there for free but that does not go for every single Wal-Mart store out there.

Instead of falsely assuming that they do, it is better to check with them and confirm to prevent any issues from arising out of nowhere. If not, there are state-by-state directories that will help you distinguish the ones that allow it and the ones that do not.

However, do not expect it to be a five-star service the way you might get in a reputable hotel brimming with untamed grandeur. Here even finding the basic amenities can be a huge problem if you do not carry them with you or run out at an inopportune moment.

This means there will be no electricity for sure. You must have your own water supply because no such sources are readily offered up. There will also be no dump station so you will have to make do with what you get which is a free space to park for the night. This is also known as dry camping.


Is Wal-Mart Overnight Parking Safe:

One thing that you should keep in mind is that hardly any place can be counted as entirely safe. Crimes can be committed just about anywhere if people with ill intent happen to stumble on them. Wal-Mart may feel pretty creepy and isolated especially if no one else is camping there for the night that just may make you feel jittery and a tad bit unsafe.

However, there is bound to be a security guard over there so you will not be entirely alone in any case. If the place is present amidst bustling bars or other places where people visit often, you will have the added security of having police around to protect you if anything goes down. The kind of neighborhood you are staying in for the night also matters a great deal.

If the Wal-Mart store is located in an area that is known to be pretty shady, you never really know what might end up happening so you need to choose the location wisely. There will also likely be security cameras so if anything goes wrong, they might be able to identify just what happened and if there is a possibility of making the situation right.


What Precautions To Take:

The first thing to know is that the more people that are camping there the better it is, as it is always better having people around in case something goes wrong. If anyone starts knocking on your RV’s door at night, it is better to tell them to go away or make up some kind of excuse rather than inviting any trouble that you might not want. Keep the location of any security guards or police cars in mind so you can know whom to turn to if you need someone.

Camping has become an activity that has always remained widely admired and fairly popular especially for the folks who love stepping into the world beyond and finding temporary homes there.

You just might be surprised at the number of people who have been dumping their houses to invest in an RV instead. To them, it is like having a home on wheels so they can carry their possessions wherever they go without any care. All these kinds of people definitely need someplace to stay for the night, as they cannot park an RV wherever they want and get away with it.

Wal-Mart overnight parking may not be the most ideal option when it comes to safe parking but it is absolutely for free and provides ample space. Simply keep certain precautions in mind regarding your safety and make sure you have all the basic amenities on hand. This way you can avoid any kind of trouble or discomfort.

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