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What is the Most Expensive Part of a Bike?

The major parts of the bikes are generally expensive since they are made to bear up all the harsh conditions and loss of any that can cause big damage to your pocket. Here we will discuss some of the most expensive parts of your mountain bike like the frame.

The frame is the most basic as well as the most important part and expensive part of a mountain bike. This is the backbone of your bike. It is the major part that joins all the other parts together.

Once this is damaged, the whole bike has to be eliminated as it does not have any further use because buying such major parts becomes more expensive. So. Make sure you are taking care of your mountain bike really properly and have opted a quality one. 

The frames are the most expensive material and are also available for different materials. And the basic price depends on the material being used. Commonly it is made of aluminum which is the most affordable material and the next one is the carbon frames which are expensive but are really worth it if they are bought once.


The wheels of mountain bikes are far different from any ordinary wheels. The wheels of mountain bikes are designed specifically to withstand all the harsh situations of every mountain and hills. The wheels are made up of really strong materials that are expensive. The most vulnerable part that is prone to get damaged is a wheel and its replacement requires an expensive amount. So, you just need to give special care and maintenance to the wheels of your mountain bike and make sure you opt high-quality wheels to remove the hassles of regular changing and to reduce the extra cost.




You must be aware of the basic function of the pedals and cranks which are pushed to make the chain spin and the bike move forward. The pedal is then attached to the cranks and connected to the bottom bracket. These parts are discussed collectively as they are interconnected and depend on each other to function well.

These parts are generally considered cheap but always remember, a cheap one is just a function for a few weeks. And whenever you opt for a high quality one, it will cost you high but still will give the fruitful results for the long duration of time. These parts of the bike get the high pressure and hence suffer high force as well, so to ensure a safe ride, you must have to opt for a qualitative set of pedals and cranks.




The most important and expensive parts of any mountain bike are the chain and the gears. There are several kinds of chains and gears depending on the model you opt for. Good sets of gear is what makes your bike different from any kind of average bikes. If you really opt for the good mountain bikes, they will have two sets of gears, one at the front at the cranks and another at the rear wheels. You need to opt for the best gears and chains to ensure the best and smooth working of your bike. The best pairs can be really expensive as per the company and the quality but still, it is suggested to have the best and modern sets to avoid any further inconveniences.



The modern mountain bikes are equipped with either a front or a rear suspension. The front one is at the front fork and the rear one is placed either in stays or seat tube. The suspensions are only found in modern bikes with the complicated frames as they are expensive and also help in the proper functioning of the bike in even the harsh ways. Although being an expensive part, it is an optional part.

Since mountain biking is one of the major recreational activities for the modern times. A mountain bike needs to be fully equipped with all the essential parts. All the parts of the mountain bike are equally essential and functional to make your ride amazing. There are several major and minor parts of a mountain bike which makes the whole bike function properly.

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