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Do Trout Like Garlic Bait?

Trout do like garlic bait so bring some on your next fishing trip and give it a try. They have a strong smell sense.



Have you ever thought that fishes can have their food preferences? Because they do. At least the trout, with his appetite. Garlic is tasty for people, trout is tasty for people. And dishes of trout with garlic are what make people fish for trout.


Therefore, trout is justified to enjoy some garlic too, even if it’s in bait, unfortunately for him. Joke aside, garlic is especially known for its powerful smell, along with its health benefits. But only we, people, can know about the latter.


Considering that trout have a sharp sense of smell, the garlic is just a lure to the bait. But is there a way to find out? In case it hadn’t been just a lure for the trout, would trout enjoy the taste of garlic bait?


With some basic knowledge about trout, it’s plausible to assume that trout don’t like garlic baits. After all, trout has a wide range of insects, worms, types of leeches, smaller fishes to choose from. And they might be tastier than garlic, at least for trout.

Considering trout are quick to come for the garlic bait, there might be something more than just the smell involved, although smell can be the only real reason for which trout are lured so easily.

What do trout actually like?

Now that we don’t have an exact answer to the first question, let’s see at least what they like. Trout eat flies. If you didn’t know, maybe fly fishing rings a bell to you. Also, trout can differentiate between food, which is a unique characteristic, unlikely to be observed in other types of fish. If trout can’t choose between 2 types of food, he’ll either eat it all or not at all. Being a predatory fish, trout eat almost exclusively meat, his main source of protein. But his choices range to frames, snails, locusts, ant eggs, nocturnal insects, little fishes, crustaceans. Diverse enough and healthy.
An interesting fact about the diet of trout is that it will influence the taste when cooked. Those that fed on crustaceans are more flavored compared to trout that mainly ate insects.

Why do anglers use garlic baits?

As it’s obvious why anglers use them, you might think that even this question is a clickbait. But it might be interesting to consider other aspects in detail. They are very useful to lure trout, and after all, that’s the goal of a bait. However, with a wide variety of baits to choose from, from flies to worms, power eggs in many colors, even marshmallows, the garlic baits occupy a top position as well.

Experienced anglers claim that fish sense is a very important

detail to consider before choosing a bait. The main reasons for using stronger scents in successful fishing are 1) luring fish from farther distances than where you are and 2) covering other scents involved in the preparation of the fishing equipment. Hand sanitizer, soap, lotions.

All these, in contact with your bait, can gain a scent that your fish is not accustomed to and is not even tempted to be. If you were a trout, you’d rather come for garlic, than Vaseline, isn’t it? That’s what anglers think, as well. The scents are slowly released into the water, so it’s a matter of time until trout come for the bait.

make garlic bait at home

But before you start, make sure you can stand that powerful scent of garlic for an undetermined amount of time in your house. Experienced anglers who tested with garlic baits recommend some home-made recipes. With quick research, you can easily recreate this lure for trout. The composition you’ll mix garlic with varies. Whether you use some minced garlic or use the bulb itself, make sure you have garlic. There are options, you need to find the one that works best for you.



Now that you know that trout are lured by garlic baits, you are ready to switch to them, in case you’ve never tried them before. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch more trout than ever and never want to use another type of bait again.

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