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What Hooks do you use for Trout Fishing?

You can use treble hooks, circle hooks, and J hooks for trout fishing depending at which bait you are using.


Those who gave fishing a chance to prove how fun it can be, know that for returning home as the lucky owner of a golden fish, you need the right type of fishing rod, hook, and bait. You don’t even need equipment to catch a golden fish, you need the Will of God.


But for typical fish, you have to consider the technical details. Trout is delicious, so it’s no surprise everybody wants to catch it. You should know that for succeeding in catching trout, you need to use the right hook, as well as other tools that we won’t focus on right now. Therefore, 3 main hooks would do this job. What hooks, you might wonder. Well, these:


1. Treble Hooks

The treble hook looks like an anchor, which is motivational enough to choose it, besides its other characteristics. It is the best for bait, and it consists of three hooks with a single eye. Also, it is more durable and holds the fish better. But you have to watch out for the bait you use, as other hooks might be more suitable.

Don’t forget about size: the range from 14 to 16 works the best.


2. Octopus circle hooks

With a smaller, but devilish design, the octopus circle hook is as suitable as the other 2. Just remember that with this type, the bait can be power eggs or worms. Even if its name already gives some hints about its shape and functions, it’s interesting to take a close look at it. One of the biggest differences between circle hooks and J hooks, for example, can be spotted if you look at their end, which means, the place where you set the bait. As circle hooks curve inwards, you don’t need to pull when you catch something. If you don’t know what it means to set the hook, just visualize a rod and the moment you’re about to catch a fish. Circle hooks are set by simply reeling in the line, as opposed to J hooks, which are straight and of those types that require you to set the hook.


3. J Hooks

If you wonder ” will I catch anything today? “, know that you’re not alone, the J hooks wonder the same thing, or at least, that suggests their shape. These types are suitable for worms and power eggs as well. The biggest advantage of having an open-ended design is the fact it hooks the bait easier. Both J hooks and Octopus circle hooks work well with the size 8 or 10. A big difference between the J hook and the Octopus circle, as mentioned before, is that of the setting. While J hooks work manually, the circle hook is a pro fisherman on its own and you don’t need to watch out for this aspect. Choosing a type is also a matter of taste, but if you have enough experience with fishing, you might have already figured out your preferences.



Good things take time, and that applies in fishing as much as in any other enjoyable activity that implies some skills, patience, and the right equipment. Whether you’re already a pro, or you’ve just started to unravel fishing’s mysteries, you’ll get better and better by doing.

With the best types of hooks clarified, you are ready to pack and go fishing. Whether you succeed from the first try or not, it’s still fun and worth trying all the options in terms of hooks and fishing style. Those who are beginners and still uncertain about what hook to use for catching trout, just have fun trying with all of them. You could ask other fishermen around, that seem to know the tools of the trade.


dissolving of fish hooks

There are a plethora of instances that fish hooks get dissolve in the fish body. It may take various time for dissolving but it gets dissolve after certain periods of time inside the fish body.


Dissolves based on materials

Though various environmentalist is claiming that fish hooks get doesn’t dissolve. It destroyed the environment inside of water but it isn’t the case fish hooks get dissolve. Yes, it will indeed take time according to the material used in fishing but fish hooks get dissolve. If it directly reaches the gills of the fish it might result in death but that is not most of the case. In most of the case, fish hooks remain in the fish mouth which will rust within a certain period of time and it disappears at last.

Bronzed hooks are considered to dissolve at a very fast rate and stainless hooks are considered dissolving at a very slow rate. It only depends upon the basis of materials of which it is made but they will dissolve anyhow.



There are always some tips and tricks that you can learn from them, and very often they are quick to help and share their knowledge with anyone who’ll listen. That’s one of the beauties of fishing. Ultimately, you’ll find the best recipe, both for catching and cooking trout.

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