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What Depth Do You Fish for Catfish?

If you want to be successful in catfish fishing you need go fish a night in deep water. Check the lake for deepest spot, then put your bait there, 10 ft – 30 ft is good. They will be near the bottom smelling for stinky foods.

Do catfishes like deep water?

Before going to find out the depth for catfish fishing, we have to know the basic. That’s whether catfishes like deep water or not. The answer is yes, catfishes like to stay in deep water. This is especially true for daytime. So, if you are fishing catfishes under daylight, you should know that the catfishes you’re waiting for are somewhere in the deepest area of your fishing spot. Sometimes, catfishes are found in the upper level of water also, but they hide themselves from daylights and heats. So, the perfect time for catching catfish is a dark night.

Is it impossible fishing catfish during the daytime?

So far, we have got the idea that during the daytime, catfishes stay in the deep water. That doesn’t mean that you can’t catch catfishes during the daytime. Well, early morning and late nights are the good times for catfish fishing but these are not the only options. If you have a good knowledge of the location and depth needed for catfish fishing, time doesn’t matter. You can catch fishes even during the daytime.

During the daytime, catfishes are hungrier than that of other times. So, if you can prepare a good bait and place them before the catfishes, they will certainly bite on that. So, if you know the depth, where catfishes live, you can go for catfish fishing 24/7.

Do catfishes come to the surface?

So far, we have discussed the depth where the catfishes usually stay. But what if the catfishes come to the surface? Or does they ever come to the surface? The answer is yes, catfishes don’t always stay in deep water, and sometimes they come to the surface also. But there are some reasons behind this. Those reasons are as follows:

– If the sunlight goes down for any reason during the daytime, the catfishes come to the surface in search of foods.

– There are many fishes come to the surface for spawning, catfishes can also come to the surface for this reason.

– Sometimes, water condition in lakes and ponds goes down and catfishes don’t get enough oxygen, so they come to the surface to gulp down some air.

Fishing catfish in deep water

After this much discussion about the catfish and the depth where they usually stay, if you plan to go for catfish fishing you can follow the following tips:

-wherever you are fishing, check the deepest point of that spot. If its 30 feet deep, you must put your bait there.

-you can use fishfinder technologies like sooner so that you can place your bait in the right place.

-Don’t get upset if other fisherman set a lower depth and get fishes, you can also get catfishes in lower depth, but the best option is placing baits at the deepest point.

– don’t think too much about feedings of catfishes, they eat almost everything we use in baits.

Catfishes live under deep water, so understanding the depth of water is essential before going catfish fishing. So, the question is not how depth you should place your bait, the question is how deep the water level. The deeper the water, the deeper the bait’s placement. Catfish fishing is easy this way.


  • Today there are almost 2900 species of catfish existing.
  • They live inland and in coastal waters of every continent apart from Antarctica.
  • Depending on the location and species, catfish can live up to the age of 20 years,
  • Catfish have a great range in size. They can be as tiny as an inch or as long as 8 feet weighing above 200 pounds.
  • The smallest species of catfish – Trichomycteridae and Aspredinidae, attain sexual maturity at a size of barely 1 centimeter.
  • Catfish can produce different sounds for communication and have excellent auditory reception.
  • Flathead catfish lays up to 100,000 eggs during a single spawning cycle. The eggs hatch within five to ten days and the larvae feed on the egg sac that nourishes them for 2-5 days until it finally dissolves and the young fish develop fully.
  • They have strong sense of smell.
  • Catfish are scale less fishes and have a smooth skin or in some cases bony armor. The skin has covering of mucus like substance that enables the fish to breathe through their skin.
  • Majority of the species are nocturnal. However, other species of catfish are either diurnal or crepuscular.
  • Due to sufficient body mass and fat, an adult catfish can go without food for  almost a week. This is applicable in nature as well as aquarium.

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