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Do Trout Like Mealworms?

Trout like mealworms, and all kind of worms. Use them alone or combined with other baits.

Using earthworms for trout fishing is a popular method. Most of the people use earthworms for fishing. Though it’s not much popular, mealworm is also an effective trout fishing worm. A mealworm is the larval form of a beetle. So, a mealworm can be called an immature insect. Just like earthworms, mealworms are also favorite to most of the fishes including trout. Touts like both garden worms and mealworms along with earthworms.

Use of mealworms

You can use a mealworm for fishing trout just like the way you use earthworms. Take a small size bait hook, a spinning rod and a reel and some mealworms. Mealworms are tiny in size so you can easily use 1 for each hook. You can put a mealworm on a baithook the same way you put on earthworms. You can use a bobber if you want the worms floating around where the trout are feeding.

Drift Fishing with mealworms

Mealworms are favorite to the rainbow trout. Most of the fisherman use drift fishing method with earthworms to catch rainbow trout. One thing that’s always overlooked is mealworms. But using mealworms for drift fishing is an excellent choice.

In rivers and streams where there is a lot of hungry rainbow trout, drift mealworm can be an excellent choice for you. To get the best result of drift fishing with mealworms, you have to go fishing during the spring. Because in spring season rivers become muddy because of high river flow. As a result, most of the natural sources of food get washed and the rainbow trout don’t find something to eat easily. At that time, if you go for drift fishing with mealworms, the trout has no other options except eating your bait.

Let’s see the materials needed for catching big trout with a tiny mealworm. The first thing you need for drift fishing with mealworms is an ultra-light fishing rod, you can choose a rod between 7to 7.5 feet. Take reel combining with the rod. For best matching, you can choose a reel with two pounds or four pounds fishing lines. If you take this as suggested, it will be easy for you controlling the worms since it will drift with the current. Besides, the line will remain invisible to the trout because it’s light enough and so trout won’t understand that you are pulling the line to catch them.

For catching trout with mealworms in the river, you have to stand in one side of the river, parallel to the drifting tide. Since there is current, you have to cast the bait upstream and control it with the rod in hand. If the bait left you behind, reel it and repeat the process from the first. You must have understood the weight of your bait so that you can differentiate between the normal weight of the bait and the weight when a trout gets caught. When a trout eats the bait and gets caught, you will feel it through your line, if anything that’s not ordinary happens with your line or you feel more the bait is more weighted than before, it’s must be a trout there came to eat your mealworms and get caught.

Where can you find mealworms?

Mealworms are favorite not only to fishes but also to birds and some other animals. People collect mealworms to feed their birds and animals. So, the availability of mealworms is expected. Many super-shops and even local shops sell mealworms for fishing purpose. Besides, you can collect mealworms from natural sources also. Mealworms are usually found under rocks, around old buildings, under tree logs, under grain storage and even under obsolete woods.

Trout love worms, you can use any kind of worms for trout fishing. People usually use earthworms because it’s easy to find and can be used in almost all conditions. Mealworms are not much popular, maybe because it’s not easy to find but it’s effective and excellent for trout fishing.

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