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Do Trout like Sun or Shade?

Trout like the cover of shade rather that sun. If you want to catch them go to the shaded areas and get in their blind spot.

Trout are the fishes of clean water. Being colorful and clean water species, trout are always in short of privacy, people can easily see them. So, trout likes shades to conceal themselves away from peoples’ eyes. There are many small trout and they can easily conceal themselves anywhere, even under a small stone. But for big fish with colorful skins, it becomes harder concealing themselves anywhere.

So, they search for shades of trees to conceal themselves from peoples’ eyes. Under shades of trees, there are not enough foods for the trout but it’s a comfort zone for them. It’s better to eat less in the shades than eating more and get caught in the sunlight.

So, if you want to catch trout, go to the shaded areas first. And here are some tips for trout fishing in shades. These are as follows:

1. Use shade as an advantage: Since trout conceal themselves under shades of trees, you should also cast from the dark side. If you cast from the light side, the trout you targeted will see your position and understand your movements. So, cast from the dark side or if you must cast from the bright side, find out the blind spot of the trout, usually right behind the trout, get there and cast from that blind spot.

2. Go closer as much as possible: Since the trout is in a shadowed area, it will not easily see your approaches if you also cast from the dark side, so go closer as much as possible to the trout before casting.

3. Wait for a movement: The most important thing in trout fishing under shade is distinguishing the shadow of trout from the trout itself. The shadow will take such a shape that you’ll not understand which one is the fish. The trout also looks like a shadow there. So, to distinguish the trough from the shadow, wait for the trout to move a bit if it moves you will be able to identify the trout and can cast afterwards.

Trout and Sunlight

People around me say that fishes are not capable of living under sunlight because they have no eye lenses and so the sunlight directly hurts their eyes. We also see that some fishes conceal themselves under shadows and don’t like to roam around under sunlight. So, what does that mean? The statement people say is true? The answer is no, the statement is not true, if it was then no fishes would come to sunlight, but there are some fishes except trout likes to live under sunlight. The difference for trout is not because of their eye lens but their tendency to conceal themselves from their predators.

There is another reason besides concealing themselves why trout don’t like sunlight and like shades. That’s because the eggs of trout need a shield from the sunlight. If the eggs of trout come directly under sun rays for a few minutes, those eggs will die immediately. So, keeps their eggs safe from the sunrays, the trout likes to stay under shades more than that of under sunlight.

Trout fishing is entertaining if you know the proper ways of trout fishing and things trout likes and dislikes. Many of us go for trout fishing without having any detailed idea of how to catch trout, what’s the difference between trout and other river water fishes etc. and come back having no trout caught. So, before going out for trout fishing, we must know some basic info about trout fishing.

A big colorful trout under clean water is like almost necked, almost everyone around can see that easily. So, it becomes easy for the predators of the trout caught that. So, sunlight makes much trouble for a big trout.

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