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Can You Fish All Year Long in Texas?

Can you fish year-round in Texas?

You can fish all year long in Texas. You can fish for trout, bass, flounder. There are bag limits but no time limits.

To be viewed keeping all the legalities in consideration, the fishing season in Texas is year-round. But here is a condition that you must abide and that is getting a fishing license and endorsements for the type of water you are intending to fish in and once being equipped with all these things, you can go fishing anytime. 

You can go fishing in Texas round the year but with some limitations as already mentioned above for some particular fish species and some water activities. So in order to avoid future hassles, you need to know the limitations and the fishing regulation changes that have now come into effect and are considered legal. 

You can also consult the Texas parks and wildlife department’s fishing regulations, but here we only covered the rules that are connected to fishing seasons and the limitations related to it. 



Important things to know:

Although you are allowed to fish around the year but still there are some limits imposed by the regulating body i.e. the Texas parks and wildlife department on the freshwater and saltwater fish species. Here are some of those limitations discussed which mainly cover the limitations on season-wise fishing. But before discussing those limitations, you need to get aware of some terms.

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the daily bag limit, which is the maximum number of wildlife species that you will be allowed to take in one day and the day is defined here as it begins at midnight and ends 24 hours later at midnight.

You also get a minimal and maximum fish length limit. These are separately defined such as some of the species have maximum length limits and some have maximum length limits. This prevents you from catching the fish which are too young and also from catching an old fish. This is done to keep the population of the fish in control.

Apart from these three major things discussed here, there are more things you need to be acquainted with, but being the major one has been discussed here. 

Limitations for saltwater fishing:

There are lots of saltwater fish species that have limitations on them. Here are some of the limitations that are dependent on the time of year. 


Here you have the daily bag limit normally if 5 fishes, except for the November and December month. In these months you have the daily bag limits of 2 fishes. 

Besides this, in November month the flounder can be caught by the pole and line whereas in December it can be caught by any legal means.

Alligator gar

Talking about the alligator garfish, it only does have a statewide daily bag limit of 1 at any time of the year only except for Falcon Lake where the daily bag limit is extended to 5. Another exception is the trinity river where the daily bag limit is 1 but only alligator gar of less than 48 inches is allowed to be retained.


As already been stated, there are many new rules gat has been newly executed and among which here are some of them:

  • Anglers have to inform about the alligator gar harvest within 24 hours of the catch. 
  • Nighttime bow fishing on alligator gar is prohibited.
  • The maximum length limit on the alligator gar in maximum tubers is 4 feet. 
  • The largemouth bass daily bag and the length limits have been updated in the new regulations.
  • It is also not allowed to harvest up to 5 Alabama bass per day. 
  • The coastwide limit of 5 fish is imposed on spotted seatrout.
  • The anglers are required to use non-stainless steel and non offset circle hooks when fishing for sharks.
  • The minimum length for the cobia is 49 inches. 

To know whether you can fish year-round in Texas or not, you must be aware of the fishing seasons in Texas and this should be viewed from the legal point of view. 

Thus, these were some of the major limitations imposed by the regulating body, parks and wildlife department to catch the fishing round the year in Texas. 

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