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Do Trout Eat Bread? (Is it Good Bait)

Trout will eat bread and just about anything dropped in the water, but it is not good for them.


It’s not a natural occurring food for them where they live, (in water!) but if humans throw pieces of bread in the water where fish live, then yes they will eat it.



Bread contains yeast and when eaten by fish, it will expand and can cause constipation for most fish. The most resilient fish will survive however others will disappear as they suffer and the predators take them.

To catch trout, throw the bread mash into the water like ground bait. The mash will attract the fish as it will resemble a white cloud. You should attach more bread bait on your hook to catch the fish as they swim by the bread mash.

Only microbes, insects and birds evolved to eat grain of any description. Anything else including humans that consumes grain on a regular basis pays a steep price for doing so with the exception of horses, mules, donkeys as burros. But they only get as a rule if we give those oats. Oats therefore in nature are only available intermittently. The problem with grain is the high glue content. I don’t mean gluten. I mean wallpaper paste. No animal has the organs to metabolize glue. When grain is mixed with water or saliva, cooked or not, it becomes glue in a few seconds.

That causes blockages throughout the body and in that manner causes malfunction of the organs one by one as the resultant mucus accumulates slowly over a period of years usually.

Constipation is thought to be the first indication that the system is being plugged up. But it isn’t. The first sign is that regularity drops from food in/food out to three meals in/one or less poop out. No wild animal can tolerate that. People and domestic animals can get away with it because we have doctors, vets and laxatives. The bottom line is this: if you want to stay healthy do not make trout eat bread or any other grain product.

Once constipation becomes chronic, without dietary correction or medical/laxative intervention, death is certain for all animals including us. One also needs to understand the fishing process in order to understand feeding concepts. Fishing is an interesting thing. It totally depends on nature and positions of fish whether to consider the things by doing upstream or downstream.

Here the complete description regarding the same has been given in order to understand the concept in general regarding the given situation. The most important things to keep in mind are the features of various flies and fishing. The difference understanding can be very helpful in order to understand to determine whether the wet fly is dry. Hence we can say bread is not a good option as an bait.

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