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Are There a lot of Snakes in Texas?

The state of Texas has many snakes, from rattlesnakes to garters so be careful and look where you are walking.

However, snakes only come out in the summer season in Texas. Rest all around the year, you will not find many snakes in Texas. Snakes are more common in Texas, however, in recent times, there has been a rise in the number of snakes in Texas. People give various reasons for that effect. Some say it is due to urbanization, while others say it’s the rain which leads to a greater number of snakes in the region of Texas.

As a result, there have been spikes in the cases of snakebite in the real region. Snakes can be active in any part of Texas; one can find them around the house or while camping in Texas. Let’s see what are the most common places to find snakes in the Texas region like the rat snake.

Places of encounter in Texas

Snakes are cold-blooded animals. They are not accustomed to the cold environment. Snakes prefer sunlight and an environment that has some sunlight. However, if the environment turns too hot, then those snakes start to look for shelter or someplace to hide. If you want to prevent being run into a snake, there are some points which you need to keep a track of.

The first point is the environment. One can encounter a snake in Texas while waking down pavement or paved walking trails. If the weather is too hot in Texas then you might encounter a snake under a tree or in shadow taking cover from the sunlight.

Most will avoid humans and move away if encountered, but not the rattlesnake they defend and can be aggressive.

Some snakes are very dangerous and one bite from such a snake can kill a person in less than one hour.

Garter snakes are harmless.


Snakes distribution

Snakes are one of the most commonly found reptiles on the planet. They are present in almost all of the continent. They are found in the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, and different parts of the world. Snakes are found in every continent except Antarctica. Snakes can be found in America, Africa, Asia, and many different parts of the world. Snakes are adapted to live in different conditions Snake can survive on the top of the mountains and they can also survive the pressure of the ocean. Snakes are also found at a height of 14000 feet which is close to 4900 m on the Himalayan mountain of Asia. There are 2900 species of the snake and they are scattered all around the globe.

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How to prevent running into a snake

People do not want to be running into a snake. Snakebites are painful and if the snake is venomous, then it is really dangerous as well. Snake bites are one of the causes of deaths in the USA and Texas. So, there is one point that you should keep in mind to prevent snake bites.

Scientists have said that a venomous snake never bites as the first sign of defense. It usually gives off a sign and if the person stops threatening them then they won’t bite you.

So, if you see a snake behaving strangely, then leave that area as it may bite you.


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