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Can Snakes Climb Stairs or a Wall? (Video Shows They Can)

Snakes can climb stairs or walls and just about anything if the surface is not too slippery. They climb to reach food and do so very slowly.

Many people are scared by the fact that snakes can climb stairs and walls of a house. People who don’t like snakes usually take up the upper part of the house or upper floor as they think that the snakes won’t be able to climb the stairs or walls to reach them.

However recent studies have shown that snakes can climb the walls and stairs easily. The snake belongs to the class of reptiles and it moves by slithering into the ground. Strictly speaking, snakes cannot ‘climb’ the stairs or the walls however it can slither up to the first floor. Scientists have demonstrated that snakes are fully capable of climbing the walls and stairs of a house easily.


Snakes climb a stair

Snakes do not have legs so that it could cling the stairs, however, it has been gifted with one of the bets muscular system in the retile genus.

The extensive muscle in the snake’s body can help it to slither easily. A snake moves by contracting and relaxing these muscles and thus they can set up a series of muscle movement which helps them to move. It is by this method that a snake can climb the stairs of the house.

The muscle in the body of the snake can support great weight and it helps the snake to climb the stairs. The contraction and relaxation of the snake’s muscle help it to climb the stair.

By contracting its muscle, a snake can lift a certain part of the body and can move forward to place that part of the body on the other stair. Similarly, like that, the snake can cross all the stairs and go from one flow to another easily.

Therefore, if you are thinking that you can be safe from a snake by living on an upper floor then you are wrong. Snakes can climb stairs very easily. However, their speed depends on one species to another.

Some snake species can climb quickly while others take some time to climb the stairs. Whatever be the speed, the main point is that snakes can climb the stairs very easily.


Snakes climb a wall

Snakes are also able to climb the walls of the house easily. One quick fact is that a snake can climb the wall more easily than it can climb a tree. We all have seen snakes climbing up the tree. Using a similar mechanism, a snake can climb the walls of the house.

However, one big catch here is that the speed of climbing depends upon the walls of the house. If your house has a brick or stone wall, then it would be easily able to climb the wall. However, a snake isn’t able to climb a smooth wall.

This is because unlike other reptiles, the snake isn’t able to form a grip over the walls which will help it to climb the wall. Unlike lizards which can form a quick grip on the wall due to which It can climb the wall, a snake isn’t able to form the grip and so it isn’t able to climb the wall. 

Snakes generally climb the wall, when they smell any prey in the attic of the house. If your attic has rats, then it is sure that snakes will climb the wall as they love rats. However, is your attic being clean, the snake won’t climb the wall and you can be safe from any snake in the house.


How to keep snakes away

If you want to keep your home or campsite snake-free then you can use several snake repellents that will keep the snakes away. There are several ways in which you can keep the snake away.

You can use the natural or artificial snake repellent, spray it around the house and you will see no snake in the house. Snake repellent is one of the easiest ways to keep the house snake free. These natural or commercial repellants are easily found in the market or one can buy them online as well. They will help to keep the snake out of the house easily.


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