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Do Candles Reduce Humidity Inside a Tent?

How to find a solution for maintaining temperature and humidity inside your tent.

Candles burning inside a tent will lower the humidity a little but is not very safe. This is due to combustion process.

The system is more useful for people that love to follow traditional camping systems instead of traveling in the RVs. So, let us have a detailed discussion on how candles can deal with humidity; are they going to increase it or decrease.

Using candles for reducing humidity levels:

Above you have gone through the bookish approach to the process. At first instance, you may feel that burning a candle may increase humidity with the combustion process; but in actual it can also be used to reduce humidity.

All that you need to do is create roof vents or some kind of chimney in your tent. The lantern or candle can be hung on the roof of the tent and the heat will keep on rising. It will directly move out of the chimney vents along with the humidity that is produced during the combustion process.

Also, the top vents will circulate fresh air inside and you can ensure a healthy environment inside. In this way, candles work more like a thermal air pump inside the tent. They can help to lower down humidity inside the tent by a considerable level.

The scientific facts:

If we talk in the scientific terms, the tent can be considered as a closed system. In a closed system, there is no specific material exchange with the outside environment. The only exchange that happens in the tent is the transfer of energy to heat.

So, if you want a reliable answer to the question of whether candles can reduce humidity or not, you may first need to understand about the material used for making candles.

Well, candles are made up of hydrocarbons. It means when these sticks burn, they are likely to release two main components: carbon dioxide and water vapor. If you are reading this information without any science background may find it a little complicated.

But it is important to mention that hydrocarbons are basically a long chain of carbons that are mainly attached to hydrogen. When the material undergoes the combustion process, the fuel release a considerable amount of H2O and CO2. So, you can simply assume that whenever you burn a household candle, it may increase humidity by some significant level.

At the same time, as we are lighting the candle in a closed system; it means the released CO2 will accumulate in the tent while reducing the O2 content along with the unavoidable respiration process of human beings inside. Things may sound a little complicated at this point because the system seems deadlier with lesser O2 and higher CO2 levels.

If you are planning a camping tour to some mountain or beach site in the summer season, it is good to carry some good quality candles with you to enjoy a comfortable stay at night. They can help you maintain the perfect humidity inside.

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