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How to Connect Two Tents Together?

You can connect 2 tents together using 4 methods: zips, cover, specially made, and tarp hallway.

Chances are that you may need to connect two tents together to spend quality time together at an adventure rich site. This idea can serve well when you are not carrying a mega tent.

Those who are going to try this idea for the first time may need expert tips on how to connect two tents together. The great news is that this process is not that complicated. Here we are describing a few trusted methods to help you execute the task:

Method 1: Zip doors together

The best option to attach tents together is to clip them or zip their doors together. This idea works better if you have tents of the same size.

While connecting two tents, you need to ensure that one of these tents has at least two doors so that you can use one for entry and exit. In case if the doors do not fit each other perfectly, you can make use of binder clips to fix them. However, it is important to mention that the biggest problem with this type of attachment is leakage.

Method 2: Cover the smaller tent door

Here comes another simple method to connect two tents together. It may help you to create hub like arrangement with multiple tents.

You may need to place the tent door right inside the wall of the canopy. Use a tarp to drape the wall and create a communal area at the center. You can also make use of tarps and rain flies to prevent dripping.

Method 3: Use a special type of tent

Here is the simplest method that anyone can follow. Note that most of the tent manufacturers around the world make tents with specially designed pods. These tents can be connected to each other via zips. You can even buy tent pods that appear more like a room. Prefer to look for high-quality materials that can help you stay safe on the campsite.

Method 4: Tarp hallway

In case if you are having tents from two different brands and their doors do not align well, it is still possible to connect them together. For this purpose, you may need a large cord, tarp, or line.

Make sure you place the tents at a distance of 5 feet and then run the cord over tent tops. Now drape your tarp over this line so that you can end up creating a hallway between both the tents. The edges of the tarp must be secured safely on the ground so that the arrangement does not blow away with the wind.

You can follow any of these methods depending upon the accessories you have. The connected tents are more useful when you are camping in a large group and want to have fun together. It also gives you more space during bad weather conditions and you can have a more stable feeling in the tent.

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