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How to Secure Tent, Avoid Blowing Away – (5 Proven Ways)

If you are a crazy outdoor enthusiast, you may often need to set up a tend at some camping sites.

Having a tent blow away is not fun. There are 5 things you can do to avoid it: pegs and ropes, sheltered spot, wait, cooler, tarp, and sink poles.

Some of you may love to enjoy camping at beach sites and few others may love to move to the hills. Camping offers incredible experience and you can enjoy it in all weather conditions.

However, the biggest trouble for campers is to fix their tent on the ground safely; especially when it is raining outside or heavy wind is flowing. Things to know.

Sometimes, the wind comes with a destructive natural force that can blow away your tent instantly. You have to be prepared for such situations to keep your belongings and loved ones safe during camping. The idea is to learn some tips and tricks to secure your tent.

Here we have listed a few tips and tricks to help you secure your tent and avoid it from blowing away:

Put heavy cooler in tent.

It will weigh it down.

Use extra pegs and guy ropes:

Pegs and guy ropes are widely used for securing tents on the ground. These arrangements can ease the tension in the tent. You may get many ropes with the tent, make sure you use them all safely. A higher number of pegs and ropes can help you ensure complete safety for your tent, even when the heavy wind starts flowing.

Set up the tent carefully:

Many people set a tent without following professional or manufacturer instructions and it could lead to poor experiences. It is important to follow adequate recommendations from experts for the specific type of tent that you are carrying for camping. Make sure you are using good quality poles; the ropes are tied well and pegs are driven at 450 angles.

Pick a sheltered spot:

Instead of choosing an open space for your tent, try to pick a location that is close to the shelter. The sheltered spot can work more like a windbreaker while protecting your tent from the heavy flow of winds. But at the same time, you have to make sure that the sheltered spot is not home to some spiders, bugs, or dangerous reptiles. One needs to stay more careful while making a selection for the tent area.

Put a tarp over tent:

Experts also advise putting tarps over tents as they are waterproof and strong as well. You can look for an industrially sized tarp and they can be easily secured over the tent. With this, you can ensure more safety for a tent while camping. You can also use a trench to protect the tent against flooding and rainfall. Trench directs the water away from your tent.

Anti-sink pole plates:

When you are setting up your tent on the ground, it is important to use pole plates. This recycled piece of wood can be made up of an old table. The main purpose of using this arrangement is to keep your tent poles perfectly grounded without even leaving specific marks behind.

Wait until wind dies down to put up tent

This may be after dark, be sure to have lights, then jump inside soon as it is up.

Once you start following these tips and tricks while setting up your tent on the campground, you can ensure a safe and memorable experience.

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