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How to Start a Fire with a Lighter?

There are so many reliable methods to start a fire at the campsite, some of you may prefer to use the primitive options and others may prefer modern tactics. When we talk about modern methods, butane lighters and matches are the best ideas. Be sure to bring one on you next outdoor trip.

Whenever you are moving out for a camping tour, we advise you to carry either some matches or prefer a butane lighter to deal with any kind of emergency. Butane lighters are very cheap; you can find them online with ease from different brands. The standard size lighter is meant to provide 2000 to 3000 fires in the entire lifetime.

Those who are moving out for a camping tour for the first time may be a little confused about how to start a fire with limited resources. Well, if you follow expert tips and tricks, you can succeed with ease.

Here we have listed a few tips and tricks to start a fire with the lighter:

  • In order to start the fire, you should first pick something that can catch the fire quickly. Prefer to get a small piece of newspaper, or candy wrapper.. It can be a small page torn out of some old phone book or something like that.

  • When you have the paper, ignite the lighter and then put the flame quickly below this tiny piece of paper. It will take just a few seconds for the paper to burst into the flames and you can turn off the lighter immediately.

  • Now, it is time to put this burning piece of paper under some tinder material or the collection of wooden pieces. It may help you to start the fire instantly. Blow on it.

  • You can also use firestarter logs.

These steps can easily help you start the fire at any place. No matter whether you are enjoying camping at the beachside or in the mountains; these tips may help you always.

You will be surprised to know that in the early 1800s, families used to cook meals using fireplaces only. Even many rural areas in the world are still using those sources for their heating and cooking needs.

They preferred to use coal and some traditional ways to light up the fire. At that time, matches were expensive and people didn’t have money to buy them. Many of them even used coal buckets to ignite a fire. Decades ago, people even used to rub two sticks together to ignite the fire. This was the oldest technique to light up the fire in the woods.

We must say that our generation is blessed with many potential solutions that make our life easier. You can even buy an RV camper to enjoy camping with full comfort as it has everything ranging from kitchen, shower, bedroom, and storage areas inside.

Even if you are planning to set up a tent on the ground at the camping site, it is better to follow some safety tips and tricks to ensure complete comfort. Once you have a proper arrangement for the fire at the campsite, you can prepare meals with ease. During cold days, this fire can keep you warm as well.

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