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5 Advantages of Space Blankets

Space blankets look like silvery metalic sheets are also called as emergency blankets and they have become widely popular among campers and outdoor survival experts.

The best thing to know about these blankets is that they are light in weight and easy to carry or store. No matter how far you are traveling to set up your camp, space blankets can help you stay comfortable all the time. Pack one in your car and backpack, they are small and only cost a few dollars.


  1. small space saving

  2. low cost

  3. available online and stores

  4. keep long time

  5. will keep you warm

When you are setting up a camp outdoors, especially in the winter season, you are more likely to suffer cold. The emergency blankets can help you stay warm during these conditions so that you can have a memorable experience at camp.

Those who are new to the concept of space blankets are advised to go through the details below. Here we are going to present some detailed discussion on these special types of blankets.

What material is used to make up space blankets?

The thermal blankets were originally designed by NASA in the year 1964 for their US Space Program. However, the big companies soon became aware of the interesting benefits of this new technology and they started designing this type of blankets to serve the community.

These space blankets are made up of insulating material which is created by depositing vaporized aluminum on some thin plastic substrates. This flexible material helps to design a thin blanket with superior thermal properties. The aluminum coating further helps to deflect the harmful infrared rays while conserving the warmed inside.

In simple words, the material used for emergency or space blankets can help to bounce off heat or it can also preserve the existing heat. Hence, it is the best tool for maintaining the perfect temperature inside.

Picking up a space blanket for camping:

Well, you may find many different types of space blankets in the market from different brands; but in actual, all of them work in a similar manner. The main goal of these blankets is to prevent heat-loss while retaining almost 90% of the body heat. Note that they are not designed to create additional warmth.

One side of these blankets is likely to have a metallic, shiny appeal and the other is of entirely unique color with the dull appeal. You can find them in olive green, orange, or camouflage colors. You can pick any of these blankets with ease to meet your requirements at the campsite.

The shiny side of these blankets is likely to reflect heat. People that are suffering from hypothermia are advised to keep the shiny side of the blanket inwards so that body heat can be reflected back towards your body and perfect warmth can be maintained inside.

Many people even prefer to use these as an emergency lining to their gloves, boots, jackets, pants, and sleeping bags as well. They can keep you warm while enjoying a good night’s sleep at the campsite. These blankets also work as an emergency shelter while offering you complete protection from the sun. Other than this, they are waterproof so that you can stay safe and dry during the rainy season at the campsite.

Things to Know About Space Blankets


Space Blankets are best known for their outdoor uses. These are considered to be the most light weight and low bulk blankets. They are made up of thin plastic sheets that are very much effective in resisting fire. The build-up quality does not allow the body heat to escape. Due to this property, these blankets are used in spacecraft. You can also relate the working of these blankets by looking at an athlete.

They wrap themselves in aluminum foils to reduce the heat loss from their body, allowing them to retain their speed and stamina for a longer time. Nowadays, space blankets are made in immense quantities because of their increased demands. However, the first space blanket was created in 1970 and was first used by the Skylab space station. They used this blanket to protect themselves from overheating while their spacecraft was orbiting the earth. 

When the Skylab space station was orbiting the earth, their heat shield broke due to some accident; thus, their inner atmosphere was starting to become warm. NASA became worried as there was a chance that the equipment present in the station can get damaged. Therefore, they decided to use these aluminum wrapped blankets to protect themselves and their equipments.


Working of a Space Blanket

A space blanket is made by mixing a fragile aluminum sheet with a plastic film. These sheets are made adaptable, lightweight, and reflective. This means that it can be carried anywhere and could reflect heat. The aluminum present in it can divert the infrared energy and can keep the body warm. The working can be further classified into two types.

  1. Evaporation- Evaporation is the process of losing body heat and water. If you lose too much heat or moisture in a cold atmosphere, you can get yourself killed. Therefore, these blankets will help you to reduce evaporation by trapping the humidity within.
  2. Insulation- If you walk in a hot and humid condition, you will start sweating. However, if you are cycling in a hot condition, you can feel cold. This is because, when you are cycling, your body comes in contact with the wind. Therefore, these blankets create a wall between your body and the breeze, acting as an insulator.


Advantages of a Space Blanket

You must be thinking that are these blankets useful to us? Are they only beneficial for our bodies? The answer is No. They are not only useful for our bodies but are helpful for various other things. To make you aware of the advantages of using a space blanket, we will provide you with some of its primary benefits.

  1. Provides Warmth

Firstly, these blankets are primarily used by us to keep our bodies warm. You just have to wrap a space blanket around your body, and in a few minutes, you will start to feel warm. However, there are more innovative ways by which a space blanket can act as a heat reflector. You can tie a space blanket between two trees and can do bonfires under it, or you can wrap the space blanket around your sleeping bags and can trap your body heat inside it. Moreover, you can cover any object with a space blanket and light it to take the feel of a portable fireplace.


  1. Food Preparation

You may think about the relationship between a space blanket and food preparation. There is a fascinating relationship between space blankets and food preparation. Imagine you are in between trekking, and there is nothing around you in which you can cook. There are just rocks and stones and dust. So, how can you make your food? You can make your food by merely keeping the space blanket in the ground facing it towards the sun. The rays will make the blanket warm enough so that you can prepare your food.


  1. Marking Your Position

Imagine you are trekking in the woods, and suddenly you forget your path. Therefore, due to the space blankets’ lusty and shiny appearance, some people use them as markers. They tear small pieces of it and paste it on the trees so that they can find the path to return.


  1. They can be used as SOS Signals.

The Space Blankets are known for its reflection property. They can reflect the sun’s rays at ease. They create a shiny and lusty appearance when they reflect the sun rays. Therefore, this shine can help a person give SOS signals.



Disadvantages of a Space Blanket

We know that the space blankets are excellent in terms of providing warmth to our bodies. They can be used in various other things and can be beneficial for us in many ways. However, there are certain drawbacks of space blankets. We will provide you some of the most basic disadvantages that people have experienced.

  1. Noise 

Due to the presence of aluminum and plastic sheets, these blankets can create a very disgusting noise. They are considered semi-soft and can make noise when you are folding it or trying to wrap an object.


  1. False Blanket

Due to plastic sheets and aluminum in it, they are not considered an actual blanket. People say that blankets are soft and smooth, but a space blanket is not fluffy and not at all soothing. They feel more like plastic and can are hard.


  1. Not Durable

The presence of plastic sheets makes the blanket fragile. Due to this, a space blanket is more likely to get damaged, even you a little more pressure than it can handle. Moreover, these blankets are only made up of sheets, so you should be more careful while wrapping it. 


  1. Size

The manufactures design these blankets in such a way that it does not fit all kinds of users. These blankets are ideal for those with average height, but taller people can have problems while using it.

Usage of Space Blankets

  • Mostly, Space Blankets are added in emergency kits, first aid kits, and survival kits due to their property to resist water and wind. Their small size and adaptability have made them one of the most preferred forms of protection for various mountain climbers and emergency services.
  • Space Blankets are often given to long-distance runners and athletes during the exercise or before the exercise to protect them from cold weather.
  • In a hot climate, they can be used to give shade and protection against heat radiation; however, if a space blanket is used to wrap a person’s body, it could trap the body heat inside and help keep the body warm.
  • These blankets are primarily used to cover a person’s body and protect them from the cold climate; however, these blankets have PET films, allowing it to cover other materials like containers, water bottles, etc.


Types of Space Blankets Available in the Market

There are numerous other names of a Space Blanket. They can go by the names of a first aid blanket, survival blanket, or a solar blanket. In any case, whatever you call it, these blankets are designed to save lives by helping the users to trap up to 80% body heat. 

To help you choose the best space blankets, we are providing you with some of the best space blankets that can help you keep your body warm.

  1. Mylar Thermal Blanket

If you want one of the best Space blanket to keep you warm, we suggest you to go for the Mylar Thermal Blankets. These blankets have a four packs of dual-sided 12 microns, aluminized polyethylene that provides high tensile strength and durability.


Mylar Thermal Blanket provides one additional gold color blanket.


The dimensions (53”x83”) make it slightly smaller than the other brands.


  1. Grabber

Grabber is one of the most preferred brands of Space Blankets. Their buildup gives them various qualities like shock absorption, body heat retention, and protection from other elements. The weight of just 3oz makes it one of the most lightweight blankets available in the market. The Grabber acquires a super insulating material that keeps its users warm even in sub-zero conditions.


Grabber is made up of four-layered insulating material.


The performance is relatively lower than the other blankets.


  1. Titan

You can keep two people protected from harmful elements by the Titan Two-Sided Emergency Survival Blankets. They are considered to be one of the biggest survival blankets with a dimension of 70”x90.” Titan is reusable, waterproof, and windproof and can also help in reducing hypothermia. Titan can trap up to 90% of body heat.


It is one of the most lightweight Space blankets.


It is relatively expensive than the others.


Space Blankets are incredibly thin and lightweight, which makes them simple to carry. Often waterproof and windproof, these blankets are made with Mylar, a polyester film that was primarily created to shield the space stations in orbit from the high temperature that could harm the equipments and food. Mylar is known for its high rigidity and extremely long shelf life.

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