What is the Tri-State Area?

Tri-state area is a widely used informal term in the United States; especially in the eastern part. For example New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.


The term Tri-State is not restricted to the New York Tri-State only; there are many such geographical regions in the world that are connected with their economic, trade and cultural diversity.


It is used to represent several regions that are associated to a specific metropolitan or town along with additional suburbs that are spread over three states. Few such tri state areas even include state boundary tripoint.


Few other tri state areas also have little bit dense population and they share connected geography and economy. This statement is true with respect to climate, botany and geology. You may often hear the tri-state area in radio, TV commercials and movies as well.


One of the most popular name that comes to mind after hearing about tri state area is New York Tri-State area. It is gaining so much attention within past few years and the term is now widely used as a descriptive phrase. Note that this area basically represents New York City and few parts of the neighboring states including Connecticut and New Jersey. It is important to mention that this unofficial designation does not cover these three states; it is just a shorthand technique to describe New York City. The area is specified as per the delimitation of geographic boundaries. The tri-state area is associated as per the commerce, culture, industry and trade.


The New York Tri-State area is an integral part of Mid-atlantic region and it also includes Weat Virginia, D.C., Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jursey, and New York. During nineteenth century, this area was better known as “typically American”. The name was given just because of the huge ethnic diversity and the incredible tolerance acceptance of varying range of religion beliefs by Quakers, English Catholics, Swedes and Dutch community.


History reveals that during early phase of the nineteenth century, the Pennsylvania and New York became the most popular states of the area. The entire Northeast along with New England states emerged as most important industrial and trading centers of the country.

Furthermore, the welcoming and favorable immigration policy towards Polish, Jewish, Italian, Irish, and German population helped in easy transformation of the area with amazing cultural diversity.

At present, the metropolitan area of New York City has become prime gateway for obtaining legal immigration to the US. Moreover, it presents the largest foreign born or migrated population of the world.


In the twentieth century, New York City started leading the best example of economic power and American cultural diversity with the reliable evolution of subways, skyscrapers and business units.

The uninterrupted growth proved New York metropolitan region as the biggest economic areas in the world. Also, in the twenty first century, it has become the center of business with many industries growing well in their trades.

The sectors that are rising high in the area include education, manufacturing, biotechnology, tourism, entertainment, fashion, real estate, traditional media, international trade, and finance as well. There are many great universities also that are ranked among top rated educational institutions in the world.