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How to Choose Monofilament for Bass Fishing Results

Mono is a good choice for beginners. It is stretchable, colorful, and resistant.

You should know what food does bass eat and what kind of bass lures they are attracted to. Be a pro in tying knots to the lures so that you don’t miss your chances because of failing to tie a proper knot. Bass fishing may not be quite popular in windy days, but trust me, windy days are helpful in making your job successful. Always use good baits which interests the bass fishes. You can also use sharp hooks to capture them.

There are three basic types of fishing lines for bass fishing. Let us have an overlook of the famous and the widely used fishing lines and the reasons for their popularity.

  • Monofilament

  • Fluorocarbon

  • Braid



Monofilament is one of the oldest and best fishing lines for bass fishing. It is made up of a single thread of plastic or nylon. The color ranges available are blue, green, clear color, or other light tints. It is very flexible in nature and hence is always easy to work with it. It is inexpensive such that any common man can buy one. It is a versatile one and is very good to use for any beginner. It is neutral-buoyant in nature but more buoyant than others like the fluorocarbon that sink a lot in the water.


One of the major advantages of monofilament is that it is stretchable. This feature of monofilament does not itself fall into the pros or the cons column because it depends on the individual. It is the individual to decide if this stretchable feature is positive or negative. High stretching overpowers the hook set. If one is not physically strong, they might opt for any others.

Places suitable

Monofilament is more pliable than the others and hence has good sinking nature. This is better suited for slow-moving topwater where it floats better and clear. You can take a pound test to check the usage of this one. They are also easily available in the markets to buy one.


Monofilament has a higher diameter when compared to other fishing lures. This is because of its high abrasion resistance. The thicker the diameter the stronger is the ability to withstand. For these reasons, monofilaments sink slowly in the waters.


Tying knots is super easy with the monofilaments. You can use any knots to tie the lures. The usually preferred ones are Trilene and the Palomar knots. The strength of the line does not matter for the knot to be strong enough under this case. The abrasion resistance itself provides strong knots. Hence also known for its strength.

Absorbing nature

Monofilaments absorb more water while in use than when you test it before to buy. For these reasons, you are left with no choice but to change your monofilament lures at least twice every year.

Bass fishing is a sport or an angling activity followed by the North American people commonly capturing a species known as the black bass. There are various varieties of black bass species. Earlier, bass fishing was only a sport which now has rose into a million-dollars making industry.

Although every season has its own bass fishing audience, it is at its best during the spring and the fall season. To be a good angler at bass fishing, one must know a few tips and tricks to make the prey fall for them. For this, always go to new places and explore new bass techniques wherever you go. This makes you a versatile angler. But also don’t give up on areas easily.

Hence monofilament will remain to be a classic option for any angler to buy one. Always match your fishing line to your fishing needs because a good fishing line is a key factor between wanting to capture more fishes and actually going home with a basket full of fishes.

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