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5 Reasons Why Fishing Is Better at Night

If you are an enthusiastic angler and always angle during day time, then try going for fishing at the night time.

Calm surrounding

Firstly, when you are new to the area or place, always explore the place during day time to know all the dangers and hurdles that you might face when you are going to fish at the night. Prior reason to choose fishing at the night time is that you can escape the crowds and chaos like that during the day time aka combat fishing. You can also stick to your favorite spot for the whole time you wanted to be there.

Active state

You can see fish are more active in the night than during the day time. Hence get ready to treat yourself if you are set with all the equipment. Try using your lures slowly into the water as fish can see the lure clear in the night. Tides and moon play a vital role in the reason for fish to be active in the night. And this is why we hear fishing will not be successful after the new moon period. The wind during the night time, but sometimes can be the opposite. Bass and catfish are active after dark.

Nocturnal creatures

There are various species of fish that you will bump into during the night, but cannot be seen in the day time. Say the bio-luminescent ones, a type of algae creatures that glow in the moonlight. There are other fish like the Starfish, a favorite drawing of the kids today. Cardinalfish, a bright red to pink colored ones that are a treat to the eyes. Big eyes and the squirrelfish which have huge eyes and the later one being pink in color are known to be the nocturnal creatures.

Bait fishing

Bait fishing can get extra catches in the night than during the day time. Fish like the black bass come out more in the night and having the right bait for them can get you more catches. As mentioned earlier, these kinds of fish sometimes hide in the holes during daytime and when they come to shallow, wisely make use of the baits to catch them.


Another important reason for fish to be active during the night time is the cool temperature. During the day time, the temperature is high so that the fish dive deep into the water, whereas when the temperature cools down, they come to shallow. This happens especially in the summer. Temperature is also another reason for an angler to choose fishing at night. Fishing during the day time can cause sunburns, especially in the summer season. You can bring up sunscreen for debate, but you will have to keep using it often during the day in Summer. Hence you can come after the dusk and enjoy fishing better.

Get set and go

Night stay can sometimes be dangerous, but trying a night fishing experience and you will be blown away by its beauty. If you choose to fish at night, the key factor is organization. Organize everything before you are set to come to the spot. Here are a few things to do when you get set for fishing at the night.

  • Have with you a couple of lights or torches, since moonlight cannot guide you for everything the whole time you are being there. So have sufficient lights with you.

  • Have a watch or cell phone

  • Bring different color lures

  • Set a landmark when you decide to come at night time because you can lose your spot sometimes in the dark.

  • Bring a few things required to build a small shelter if necessary.

  • Since you are going to stay out in the night for a longer time, make sure you wear the right clothes that can help you keep yourself warm.

Day time fishing is fun! But don’t miss the opportunity to try night fishing and enjoy the pleasant fishing experience that it gives.

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