8 Snake Repellents That Actually Work (Safe, Natural, Easy)

There are various types of natural snake repellent such as:

  • Napthalene
  • Sulfur
  • Lime
  • Ammonia
  • Chickens
  • Oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Wormwood


The first snake repellent is the naphthalene. Naphthalene balls exist in the market and they work very well to keep the snake out of the house. You can use some of the naphthalene balls and keep them in different parts of the house. The snakes won’t enter that part of the house due to the smell of the naphthalene balls. The naphthalene balls are easily available in the market and you can purchase a handful of these to keep the snakes out of your house.


Place powered version all around.


They do not like the smell


Will deter them.

Live Chickens

If you don’t want to plant anything, then you can keep some chicken in your house. Chicken is a predator of the snake and they will find and kill the snake that is in the house. The chicken’s coop will attract the snake for food and on the other hand, the chicken will be on the look for the snake. As soon as the snake makes a move, the chicken will kill them. If you don’t like chicken you can also keep various other animals such as turkey and guinea hens. They too work excellently keeping the snake out of the house without any problem.


Natural oil

You can use various types of oils such as cinnamon, cloves, and cedarwood to keep the snake out of the house. Oils will act as a barrier and the snake won’t cross this barrier. The reason why snakes can’t cross the oil barrier is unknown but over time people have speculated that the oil will melt the skin of the snake and their scales. For this reasons snake won’t cross the oil boundary, natural oil act as a great snake repellent keeping the snakes out of the house for a long time.


Plant lemongrass

Lemongrass is a type of plant which is also known to keep the snakes out of the house. You can plant a ring of lemongrass around your house and it will prevent the snakes from entering the house. This will you will be able to get rid of the problem of the snake entering your house. However, if you have a snake in the house, you need to manually get rid of them. The real working of the lemongrass is not known but studies have revealed that it acts as an excellent natural snake repellent.


Plant Wormwood

If you want to get rid of the snakes from your house, then you can use the wormwood plant as well. Wormwood plant is a type of plant that belongs to the genus Artemisia. It is a type of land that can help to keep the snake out of the house. You can plant a ring of these around your house and it will act as a barrier keeping the snake out of it. However, there is one thing you need to take care of. Wormwood plant spread quite rapidly, so our need to do lawn maintenance daily. This will help your lawn look clean and will also help to get rid of the snakes.

Some people hate snakes and they can’t stand having a snake around their vicinity. They go to great lengths to get rid of the snakes from their house. They use commercial replant or any other thing which they think will help them to get rid of the snake from their house. Sometimes, the person does not have enough time/money to buy the commercial repellent or they may have allergies towards the repellent which prevents them from buying the commercial replant. IN such a scenario they are unable to do anything to keep the snake out of their house.

However, there is a way to keep the snake out of the house without using commercial repellant. One can get rid of the snakes in their house easily through the use of commercial or scientific repellent. All they need to use is the Natural snake repellent to get rid of the snakes from the house easily.

Keep away all types including: green mambas, checkered garter, california kingsnake, inland taipan, tiger snake, green tree snake, eastern hognose, queen snake, and rattlesnakes.


Salt does not keep snakes away. There are some products that do, like naphthalene, sulfur, and garlic.

Earlier people hate keeping a snake in their home. Snake used to steal all their food. In earlier times people didn’t know how to extract venom from the snake so they would be terrified if they see a snake. They used to think that a snake would bite them so they would try method to keep the snake out of their house.

One popular method that came out was to sprinkle some salt on the snake then it would run. This myth was originating in ancient times when a lady threw some rock salt on the snake and it caused the snake to run away. This way people believed that snake would not come to their house if they sprinkle some salt.

However recently study proved that the snake does not get scared from the slat and by spraying salt you cannot keep snakes away from the house. This came as a shock to all the people who still believed in this myth.

Now scientists have revealed that certain things can be used by the people to keep the snakes out of their house. Snakes can be kept away by keeping certain things out of your house or by making small changes in your house.


Other home remedies that keep the snake away

There are various ways by which you can keep snakes out of your house. Let’s study some of them and learn how you can get your house free of snakes easily and effectively.


Sulfur is another product that can use by the person to get rid of the snake from your house. Sulfur is easily available and some people use it to keep the snakes out of their house. All you need to do is sprinkle the sulfur powder around your house and the snakes won’t bother you for a long time. The sulfur will irritate the skin of the snake as soon as they come in contact with the sulfur. This way they won’t come into your house ever again. However, the major drawback of the sulfur is that it can irritate the skin of the person s well. Also, it gives an awful smell to keep a mask on when sprinkling the sulfur.


Garlic & Onions:

Garlic and online along with the rock salt will help to create an effective area around your house which will help to keep the snake out of the house. Sprinkle rick salt mixed with garlic and onion around your house. This will give you long term solutions against snakes and another insect around your house. If you do not have rock salt you can use any oil and it will work as well.

Snakes might be considered good for some people; however, they scare the hell out of other people. Some people can’t stand snake around them and they hate being near a snake. For this reason, many people try various thin that will help them to get rid of the snakes for their house.

However, some of these tricks might work while others may not work at all. The most common one is the sprinkling of salt. Many people believe that sprinkling of salt will help to get rid of the snakes from the house.


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