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13 Unbeleivable Myths About Snakes

All snakes are poisonous

Many people believe that all the snake that is found on this planet are poisonous, they can bite you and can cause instant death in the body, however, that’s not true. The scientist has revealed that there are 300 species of snake in the world and out of that only a small fraction of snakes is poisonous or venomous like rattlesnakes. The rest all are safe.


Once beheaded they will stay alive until dusk

This is not true, just a myth.


Many headed snakes

People believe that there exists a snake that has many heads and people call it the ‘sheshnag’. It is a snake that is found in mythological stories. People believe that it still exists in many parts of the world. Here are pictures of one that proves they are real.


They always travel in pairs

They are rarely found together, unless is mating season.



Naagmani is another example of a mythological based story. It is a stone that has enormous power and It can grant the user several powers and wealth. People believe that snake guard the Naagmani, however, that’s not the case. This is a pure mythological story and these do not exist.


If you kill one its partner will be after you

This is only a myth.


Snake dance

People believe that the snake dances to the tune of the snake charmer. This is one of the most common myths that exist in the world. However, the truth is that the snake cannot dance to the tune of the snake charmer. This is because a snake does not have ears so they can hear the song. In reality, the snakes move and feel the frequency of the song and not the whole song. Another thing is that snakes do not dance at the tune of the snake charmer. They replicate the movement of the person or their instrument and they do not dance.


Snakes are deaf

The can sense sound with ground motion


Snake identification

People believe that a snake can be identified by the shape of its head. This is again a myth, as there is no way to identify a snake by just its head. There are several ways to do so and one needs to have a deep knowledge of the snakes to identify a snake.


They are slimy

The are not slimy, skin is dry.



Vengeance of snake

It is believed that snakes will avenge their partner’s death so it is better not to kill the snake. It is believed that a snake is a vengeful creature who will come to attack you if you hurt their near or dear ones. Many people believe this to be true, however, the truth Is that the brain of the snake isn’t capable of remembering something and the snakes can’t remember anything about who killed their partner and why.



It is believed in many parts of India that snakes will drink milk. It is said that the snake drink milk and so many people offer milk to the snake on various occasion. This is one of the biggest myths of India and this is completely false. Snakes do not drink milk. Snakes aren’t mammals, instead, they are reptiles. Snakes aren’t able to digest the milk and so they cannot drink it. Milk is like poison to the snake and it can cause their death. So, snakes do not drink milk on any occasion.


Flying snake

People believe that a flying snake can fly at piercing the head of the person and its eyes, and flying snake are very dangerous. They are compared to an arrow that flies towards the person and can hurt them pretty badly. However, in reality, this is a big myth. Understand that there is no way for the snake to achieve that speed at which it can break the head or pierce the eyes of the person. 

Snakes can climb stairs or walls and just about anything if the surface is not too slippery. They climb to reach food and do so very slowly.

Many people are scared by the fact that snakes can climb stairs and walls of a house. People who don’t like snakes usually take up the upper part of the house or upper floor as they think that the snakes won’t be able to climb the stairs or walls to reach them.

However recent studies have shown that snakes can climb the walls and stairs easily. The snake belongs to the class of reptiles and it moves by slithering into the ground. Strictly speaking, snakes cannot ‘climb’ the stairs or the walls however it can slither up to the first floor. Scientists have demonstrated that snakes are fully capable of climbing the walls and stairs of a house easily.


Some snakes do not hunt at night, while other species hunt only at night. Depending upon the species of the snake it would be evident whether the snake will come out at night or not. Watch for these when the sun goes down:

1. Northern Copperhead

2. Black King Snake

3. Rat Snake

4. Night Snakes


One of the main reasons why people are frightened of snake is because of their ability to see in the dark.

Snakes are one of the few animals that can see in the night. They have amazing organs that give them a full look at their prey and many snakes hunt for their prey at the night.

The snakes have a protein channel that helps them to see clearly in the dark. Moreover, the snake vision in dark is much similar to its camera that is capable of doing sense easily. A snake can sense any living creature in its vicinity and can find the best time to attack it. It’s all because of the pit gland of a snake.

People fear this vision of the snake. Snake hunt most in the night, and it is not uncommon for them to bite a human in the night. People fear this instinct of the snake and they try to keep snakes out of the house as much as possible.


Another important fact is that the snake is a cold-blooded animal.

This means that the body function of the snake will depend upon the environment that the snake is living. If the environment is cold, then the snake body function will reduce and they won’t be able to come out at night or hunt at night. On the other hand, if the environments warm, then it is a perfect setup for the snake to trade.

The snake will go out for hunting and be more active and agile due to its body function performing more actively. This will help the snake to catch its prey more easily. Also, many times, the weather of the place wild decides which will snake will come out during which part of the day.

Watch out for:


Why are snakes most active at night?

Not all of the snakes are active at night. The activeness of a snake depends upon its species as we have told you earlier. Only some snake is active at night. There is reason why snakes are active at night.

The first reason why the snake is more active at night is because of better visibility. IN the dark, the pit gland of the snake is active and it gives them heat signatures like an infrared camera.

This helps the snake to see much better and it also helps it to find its prey more easily When compared to the night and day vision of a snake, a snake sees a detailed image at night than during the day. However, this all depends on species to species.

Not all the species of the snake has an active pit gland. Some snakes have a more active pit gland than other and it helps them to see better at night. So only those snakes hunt better at night whose pit gland is better.

The next reason is because of the ease of finding their prey. Snakes eat rodents, rats, and other small animals. These animals are more active at day than at night. During the day snakes have difficulty finding and keep up with their prey in case they are running. Water snakes.

However, at night, all the animals are sleeping. Their body is defenseless and it is one of the best times for snakes to find to eat their prey. Moreover, the pit gland gives more information during the day rather than at night.


The snakes have been a very important creature in some parts of the world. They are linked to gods and goddesses in some parts of the world and are even worshiped in some parts of the world.