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What Should I Wear Under Waders?

If you love fishing in the water but still confused about what clothes to wear for it.

The temperature will determine what underwear is best. Wool long johns work well, so do jeans, wadding leggings,or swimsuit.

You can categorize choosing outfits based on the factors of season, the place where you fish, and your comfort. The primary key factor to look into those clothes while buying them is to check if they are lightweight.

  1. Season

People love to go for fishing year-round, but what matters is, choosing the right time of the day to go for it.


In Summer, the best time to go fishing is either morning or in the late evening. Make sure that you wear clothes that are lightweight in summer. The lake you chose to for fishing will take care of you from the scorching sun. Wear a simple cotton top or shirt, so that you don’t feel sultry. For the bottom, you can wear shorts and that will not be any less comfortable in Summer. You can prefer anything for your feet, but a nice wading boot will be good to go.


People prefer going for fishing in cold weather, and that time is when you have to be more careful in choosing your clothes. In Winter, it is important to stay warm. Hence Layer up your clothes to make yourself warm. Starting from the top, wear any woolen top along with a vest. This is because woolen helps you in maintaining the temperature of your body, by removing the moisture content. Cover up with a jacket, more preferably a hoodie, to protect yourself from the icing cold. You can also go for wading jackets.

For bottoms, wading leggings will be a choice or you can go with anything that tightly fits on you. This will make you feel warmer. Next comes the necessary one, socks. Use woolen socks and strictly do not use ankle-length socks. As ankle-length socks and make you feel colder. Only wear woolen socks covering your legs till your calves or knees. If the temperature goes below 0 degrees, to beat the cold you can wear double-layer socks.


Spring will remain to be the favorite season of many people around the country. The best time to fish in Spring or Autumn is to fish around the dusk. You need not layer up yourself as you do in the winter. Any simple cloth will do. Though the temperature is not too high or too low in this season, it is always good to maintain your temperature. So you can wear any synthetic or light wool clothes for this season.

Still, always remember to carry a jacket along with you in case the weather turns out to be rainy that particular day. Jeans will be quite okay in this season. But do not forget your boots.


You should remember these things in mind when you get ready for fishing:

  • Wear clothes that are breathable for your body.

  • Wear lightweight clothes

  • Wear warm shoes


In Winters, do not wear cotton clothes as they do not dry up that easily. And most importantly, do not wear anything that has metal buttons or anything to your bottoms, because these objects lock cold and moisture and make you uncomfortable. The Summer season does give no trouble with clothing. Just make yourself comfortable.


Undoubtedly, go for wading boots. That’s the comfortable one among all.

While making a note of what to wear under waders, you can also make a note of what not to wear under waders. This will help to simplify the choices of clothes that you tend to choose. Do not wear sneakers as they are not suitable enough for fishing. Choose sneakers when you are going anywhere outdoors. Some people prefer shoes, but that is another wrong choice made by people. Wading boots for the rescue always. It is advisable to choose clothes according to the season always so that you can stay comfortable and relaxed as long as you are fishing!

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