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5 Critical Things to Know about RV Battery

  1. What type battery does the RV have?

The RV uses lead acid batteries which contains mixture of water and sulphuric acid. The RV has two main sources of batteries for power sources and last about 3 years, with normal range 2-10 years.

  • The 12 volt DC. This controls the RV’s light system like the lights and brake lights.

  • The 120 volt AC. This is also known as the RV’s shore power. This is because it is charged by hooking up the battery to the power source. It is done using the battery charger. It is obtained by using a hookup of 30 or 50 amps to charge from the power sources. It powers the RV’s electric appliances to enable their functionality for example the television.

These require to be charged to enable them facilitate powering the RV.

  1. How the RV battery charges?

Hookup to the power source. The hookup can be done by connecting the battery to the power source. The hookup may be of 30 or 50 amps and this charges the battery.

Charging while driving. You may be wondering if your battery can charge while driving. Yes, you can charge your battery while driving.

Charging of the battery may take approximately 10 hours.

  1. What causes the RV battery failure?

Battery failure in the RV is attributed to many things like poor maintenance. This section discusses factor that cause a dead battery in RVs.

  • Overcharging the battery. RV batteries are known to reduce their charge even when not in use. Therefore need to be charged however they can also be overcharged. Overcharging the batteries increases temperatures in the battery. Increase in temperatures increases the battery heat which drains its water. This affects the battery’s performance.

  • Sulfating of the RV battery. Sulfating happens when the battery’s sulfur acid crystallizes on the battery plates. This happens when the battery is not fully charged. Batteries have a nature of self-discharging. However, if the battery goes long without being recharged it becomes permanent. This affects the battery’s performance and functionality.

  • Undercharging of the battery. Undercharging the battery can cause development of parasitic loads. The battery loses its energy even while under storage. This causes a low battery performance.

  1. How to know a dead RV battery.

To determine if your battery is dead, you can use a voltmeter. The following can help you know if your battery is dead or working.

  • If the battery cannot reach the 10.5 volts when being charged. Short circuited battery of 0 volts. This is due to the broken terminals of the battery.

  • Where it’s sulfated it does not reach the maximum charge. This can be attributed to sulfation of the battery.

  1. How can to increase RV battery life span.

Maintenance. Regular maintenance is required to ensure well-functioning of the battery. You should do inspections to find out if there is any damage on the battery for example bulges or leakages. Keep the battery clean by cleaning its terminals. Check on water levels to prevent charge. Maintenance helps prevent sulfation and overcharging among other dangers. It increases the battery’s life span.

Recharge the battery. You need to keep the battery well charged to avoid issues like sulfation. The battery should not discharge below 12 volts. You use the voltmeter to tell the voltage. It can last 2 years up to 10 years depending on usage and weather.

RVs are referred to as recreational vehicles. These provide you with a home away from home experience. The user or owner is able to have the comfort of his or her home on the road. It is because it is self-contained. It has a living room, galley, toilet and bedroom among other rooms. You can access services like water and electricity or power while using the RV.

However, to access electricity services you need a battery. The battery is a must have because it powers up the RV. In order for most things to work in the RV, they need the battery. This is because they are dependent on the battery. The electricity or power is used to run RV electric appliances. The RV electric appliances include fridge, television and lights among other appliances.

The battery is an essential part of the RV in order for it to perform effectively. It helps in powering the appliances or RV equipment for their smooth use. However, for you to have a battery that operates effectively you need to maintain it.

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