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7 Freshwater Fishing Baits That Catch Big Bass

There are two types of baiting used in freshwater fishing. These include use of natural and artificial baits. This section covers the different bait types in detail as shown below:-

  • Natural fishing baits.

Natural fishing baits include living or dead organisms used to catch fish. There are different natural fishing baits used during freshwater baits as discussed below:-

Worms. Using worms as fishing baits is most common fishing bait that is used. Using worms is traditional fishing bait method. The worms used as baits may include the night crawlers, bloodworms and red worms among others. These worms can be found in the soil or in compost.

Minnows. These are a small type of fish and it’s among the best natural fish baits. They are best in catching crappies, catfish and bluegills among other types.

Insects. The best insects best used for freshwater fishing are grasshoppers, frogs, spiders, bugs and caterpillars.

Leeches. Leeches are among the most used freshwater fish baits. These are mainly used to catch fish like the bass and walleye. These are found in the fresh water.

  • Artificial fishing baits.

These are artificial objects used to lure and catch fish. The following are the artificial fishing baits used in freshwater fishing as discussed below:-

Plastic baits. The plastic baits include soft plastic worms, leeches and other types. They are capable of attracting and enticing the fish to fall into the set trap. This is because they look like real worms and leeches.

Plugs. These are hard bodied plastic lures in form of a bait fish or other fish prey. They are placed on the water surface and only get into the water when pulled down by a fish. The hooks found on these plugs are used to trap the fish.

Jigs. These are heavy weighted baits used to catch the fish. They are dropped into the eater where they sink at the bottom. When they sink, you can start moving it up and down. From here the fish will see it and move towards it. Its hook head will then trap the fish.

There are very many natural and artificial fishing baits used to catch fish. You can choose from those provided or any other of your choice. However remember, that the way you present you bait matters. This is because different fish are attracted by different baits.

Fishing is dated from way back. Back in the days, very many people took part in fishing. This was mainly for commercial or subsistence purposes.

This type of fishing is known as traditional method of fishing. It involved use of arrows, nets and spears to catch fish. However, as times change so did the types of fishing and methods of fishing used.

Water temperatures. Knowing the water temperatures helps you predict the fish types you will catch. This is because the different fish types are adoptive to different temperatures. For example warm water fish include catfish and sunfish. While for cold water is the northern pike.

Fish types. While going out to fish you have a particular type of fish you want to catch. You may ask the authorities of the area or read the lake guide. These help you have an idea of what fish type you expect.

The water body depth. While going out to fish whether on the lake or river, find out its depth. Knowing its depth helps you know what fish to find there.

The weather at the water body. Weather determines the effectiveness of the fishing activity.

Types of fishing like the freshwater and saltwater fishing were adopted. Methods like using baits have been adopted by different people who fish.

Freshwater fishing is manly done in lakes, rivers and ponds among other water bodies. These bodies must be salt free. One of the most common methods used in fishing is baiting. Baiting can best be defined as using an object or organism called a bait to attract and catch fish. The most popular freshwater fish types are the catfish and largemouth bass among others.

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