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What is Ideal Camping Knife and Why Carry

Everyone loves to go out for camping.

You should be well prepared for it. As in the woods, you will not find a store to buy essentials. Make a list of stuff you need beforehand. Try to pack a day or two before the day of camping. Keep extra clothes and dry food. Another important thing you must carry is a camping knife. It can help in many situations. A sharp knife may even save your life as is very versatile.

So why should you carry a camping knife?

The camping knife can be used for various tasks such as cutting woods or twigs, tearing up for campfire, food preparation, opening cans, cutting rope, opening or even tightening any screw if needed, cutting up packets or boxes, or even save your life from a wild animal. One knife will be used in multiple ways. You can also make wooden figurines for fun or even try fishing in shallow water by aiming directly at the fish.


Which knife should be used as a camping knife?

The knife should have superior quality material that does not rust easily. The edge of the knife must remain sharp for a long time. It should be easy to sharpen camping knife. Though steel is good for a firm edge, it may rust, so try using a stainless steel knife instead.

A softer material is easier to sharpen but may rust easily. There are options of alloys with metals like chromium, nickel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon mixed to decrease the chances of corrosion. High carbon steel will be hard and retain its edge as well, but there are chances of rusting. So the best option would be a stainless steel blade.


What should I look for in a knife for camping purposes?

A camping knife has to be sharp and of good quality. You never know that it may save your life in case of a wild animal attack. Make sure to buy a good quality knife. Here are a few features you should look for in the knife:

  1. Length: the blade of the knife should not be more than 5 inches. Bigger the better does not fit here in the case of the knife blade. You will mostly be using the knife for fine work. Hence, a big blade will create a hassle. The knife should be easy to work around with and maneuver into smaller places as well.
  2. Weight: do not go for a very lightweight knife for camping. Weight shall help make the knife stable. Around 4 ounces should be good enough. Also do not buy something very heavy, as that will make using it cumbersome.
  3. Metal: you must choose a stainless steel knife blade. It will be long-lasting and will not rust easily. Also, it is easy to sharpen when required.
  4. Style: look for a grip style knife so that you can hold it properly even if your hands are dirty or sweaty. This will not slip even in gushing water.
  5. Choil: look for a blade with choils so that it remains sharp for long.

How to store and care for the knife?

You must keep the knife in a proper cover and place. Once you invest in a knife it is going to be used for many years. If kept properly it can be passed down generations and it works as good as new.

Make sure you clean it and dry it properly before storing it. Sharp blade section should be covered and it should be sharpened regularly. When you are not going to use the knife for a long time then you can lubricate it and store it away. For a folding knife keep the moving parts clean and oiled.


A sharp knife is nice to have with you at home as well as camping. In camping, you are going to carry a single knife for many different purposes.

So check all the details and think wisely before you invest. It should suffice most of your needs. It should be a handy and perfect weight. Good quality camping knife will be a friend for all your life. You can happily hand it down to your kids when you grow old. Camping knife can save your life one day, so care for it properly.

Bring one or a couple on your next trip and be prepared.

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