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Do RVs Have Both Hot and Cold Water?

Most Recreational Vehicles (RV) have hot and cold. You can adjust the water temperature like at home. Warm and hot water require energy so if you run out then cold is all you get.

Warm water is made my turning on hot and cold. Use more hot to make it warmer.

Cold water

While buying your RV, make sure you also know where the water tanks and water lines are located. Be clear with the connections so that you don’t make a fuss during your trip.

Coldwater can sometimes be too cooling to an extent that it might turn into solid. Do not allow this to happen and turn your trips into a disaster. You can use the antifreeze in the water tanks. In Summer, it is okay to trip anywhere but in winter, don’t camp in places that are not much exposed to the sun. Sunlight is essential to keep your body warm. Do not store water hoses with water tanks because they can turn frozen in the winters.

Make sure that your RV tanks are not winterized. Keep all the doors and windows closed so that heat can be sustained to make the place warm. Do not close the drawers of the connections lines. This will keep the cold water a little warmer.

Hot water

Is created by instant electric, or propane. You can make hot and warm water if you have the energy.

If your RV has plumbing, chances are there for it to contain a water heater. Else, don’t worry there are RV water heaters available. You can fix these in your RVs. An RV water heater is generally smaller than the water heaters that we use in the apartments. So you have to be conservative while in the shower.

They come in varying sizes. You can buy them according to the time duration of the trips that you usually undertake. If you own an RV heater, here are all the things you need to know about using it.

Before stepping out, ensure that your tanker has enough water. Check the bypass valve of the heater. You can use the water heaters either by propane, or electricity, or fuel to heat the water. The most convenient form of heating water is by using electricity. All you need to do will be just turning down the switch before and after the usage of water heaters. Always remember to turn off the heaters after use. This is a small way to conserve the energy for the whole trip.

Using the heat from your engine is another way that can heat up your heaters. This is the most economical way among all because your engine will heat up when you are driving. Hence there is no work internally for the heaters.

Turn off the bypass valve once the winter season is over. It is important to know that you have to clean your heaters often, probably after the end of your trips. If you are not sure about maintaining them, it is better to take it to an RV repair shop. Ensure the maintenance of these electric machines at regular intervals to prevent them from permanent damage.

You have to check the heaters to keep them away from corrosion. To prevent the heaters from getting corroded, buy an anode rod for the tanks. These anode rods are very inexpensive. Along with these water heaters, you can use a tank-based RV heater. They can be a good replacement for the storage tanks and also less space-consuming.

A campervan class b may not have any running water as they are small and sneaky.

Remember to drain out the water from the heater once you end the trip. Because any water content present in the tank during cold months can winterize it. This freezes the connection lines that eventually ends in cracking up. In order to avoid this, do not forget to drain and clean them up.

RV is so cool that you can find a living compartment inside the vehicle. There is also an attached restroom to the back. This saves you a lot of money if you either a travel person or if you travel to other places for various reasons. It saves the amount of staying at a hotel. You spend money only on fuel.

When it happens to be a trip for more than two days, you have trouble with bathing sometimes. RVs sometimes do not pour hot water. You will have to check the water heaters attached to them. Hot water is very essential in the winter seasons to make yourself keep warm.

Never work with the heaters when they are on power.

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