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7 RVs with All Wheel Drive AWD 4×4 that are Amazing

I like to plan for a trip in winter, and need an RV built for rough conditions and cold weather.

2021 Coachmen Cross Trek 20XG All-Wheel Drive (AWD)



Winnebago Revel

4×4 Class B motorhome built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter diesel van

MSRP $147k


2021 American Coach Patriot SD FD2 4×4 Sprinter Diesel RV


Global Expedition Safari Vehicle Extreme 4X4 RV


GXV uses medium-duty and full-sized trucks and designs them to suit various missions in different terrains. This type will hold up to 280 gallons, this is a fuel enough to drive you for 2500 miles. It is mounted on an international extended-cab framework (7300). If you want to set on a long journey this winter, you will have the best with this RV. It will cost you about $450,000. You will enjoy the warmth and drive with no hurdles as you explore.


Talk of feeling at home while away, try this vehicle with a bathroom and shower, refrigerator, leather dining, and granite countertops. Another feature that will interest you is the 52-inch window that gives you a clear vision of the outside world. With the 600W solar panel and 3200W diesel generator, you will never run out of power regardless of the distance you decide to sightsee.


Earthroamer XV-HD

With the four-wheel drive and V-8 engine, this Ford base RV is suitable in conquering muddy and mountain lands. You can get these rare models costing $1.7 million by Earthroamer based in Colorado. The solar cells at the rooftop emit 2100W, enough to power your electronics and appliances. Unlike other RVs, you will not have to worry about generators with these beats.


If you are looking for a recreational vehicle with a luxurious living area, you have the solution at hand. This vehicle offers a living space large enough to accommodate six people. You can easily confuse it with a smaller condo. Classic features include a bose entertainment center, wood cabinets, Bosch appliances (stainless-steel), leather furniture, and solid counters. You can walk barefooted on the warm floors. This is possible with the high-end floors that radiant heat. You do not have to worry about roaming the snowbound of Utah as your toes will always be warm.


Kiravan Mountain

If you want the perfect RV to enjoy the trip with your kids, you can never go wrong investing in this vehicle. The manufacturer invested a lot in using high-end tech and making it as kid-friendly as possible. This modified van has a diesel engine and is designed for your off-road purposes. Although the company is yet to disclose the price, the features it has makes it a suitable consideration.


A troop of three can spend up to three weeks on the journey using the KiraVan trailer. Talk of technology, you have not heard of this. It is equipped with satellite connectivity in the high-tech offices, a computer system (networked), and a top-notch video-editing suite. You can use the bathroom fitted with a vivid skylight roof. You can relax in the luxurious sleeping areas while on the road.


Hunter RMV Predator 6.6

This RV takes the design of the Army vehicle, similar to the one used in Afghanistan. It is equipped with a 6.6-liter diesel engine and can cover up to 800 miles. You can get at with $179k. If you love the military look, you can use this vehicle for your recreational trips.


Inside this van, you will meet a queen-size bed, a dining space, a dry bathroom, and a kitchen with a cooktop and microwave. The water-purification system guarantees you healthy. With the 300W solar array, you will not worry about power no matter how deep you are from the towns.


Having an all-wheel RV is very crucial if you want to have an easy sail as you explore different terrain during this winter. You have multiple vehicles to choose from both offering different added advantages.



I was walking through an outdoor adventure expo, surrounded by the latest in camping and off-roading gear, when this beast of a machine caught my attention.

It stood proudly on display, its massive tires grabbing most of the initial attention. They were 33 inches in diameter, wrapped around 17-inch alloy wheels, and looked ready to roll over rocks, mud, and sand with ease. The RV’s elevated stance, due to its impressive ground clearance, hinted at its capability to ford streams and navigate through uneven backcountry trails.

As I circled the 4×4 RV, I took in its rugged exterior features. The body was a matte black, with reinforced bumpers and a roof rack that seemed like it could carry enough supplies for a month-long expedition. Mounted on the back was a full-size spare tire, a non-negotiable accessory for serious off-road adventurers.

I struck up a conversation with the representative, who was eager to share the specs of this off-grid home on wheels. He explained that the RV was built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, powered by a turbo-diesel engine that could deliver torque in spades—perfect for climbing steep inclines or powering through challenging terrain. The vehicle’s length was a manageable 24 feet, which provided a balance between interior space and the ability to navigate tighter spots that larger RVs couldn’t dream of accessing.

Stepping inside, I was taken aback by the contrast between the exterior ruggedness and the interior comfort. The space was efficiently designed, with a convertible dinette that could sleep two and a fixed bed in the rear that looked like a cozy nook for resting after a day of adventure. Storage solutions were cleverly integrated throughout, utilizing every possible nook to maximize the living area.

The kitchenette was compact but well-equipped, featuring a two-burner stove, a sink with a high-arch faucet, and a refrigerator that was surprisingly spacious for the vehicle’s size. The representative mentioned that the RV had a 60-gallon freshwater tank, which was quite generous for off-grid travel.

The bathroom was a wet bath design, combining the shower and toilet in a waterproof compartment to save space. It wasn’t large, but it was more than adequate for the necessities of life on the road.


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