Stealth Campers – Hiding in Plain Site in Van. (61 Pictures, 21 Models)

A stealth camper looks like a van rather than an RV. The average person would not think that people are staying inside because it looks ordinary and blends in. The inside is customized with a chair, bed, lights, heating, and cooling. Some have toilets and showers.

While researching campervans I found that the Sprinter van is the most popular followed by Transit, and Promaster vans. Here is list of vans that make good stealth conversions:

  1. VW T5
  2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van
  3. Any Minivan
  4. Honda Element
  5. Ford Transit
  6. Used Ambulance
  7. Toyota Sienna
  8. Ram Promaster
  9. Class B RV
  10. Dodge B250 extended van
  11. Used Schoolbus
  12. Nissan NV 2500
  13. Chevy Express 3500
  14. Winnebago Revel
  15. Chevy Astro van
  16. Ford Econoline
  17. Interstate Nineteen
  18. Mercedes-Benz Weekender
  19. Mercedes-Benz Metris
  20. Glampervan on Ram Promaster
  21. Caravan Outfitters Free Bird


Class b RV that looks like ordinary van.

Sprinter van that could be a stealth camper.


Inconspicuous  looking white van.

Stealth ambulance camper.

This van does not look like an recreational vehicle.

Private camper picture.


Secret camper image.

Vans fit into environment.

Sneaky camper photo.

Snow covered van is totally stealth.

Sly Camper.

Concealed camper jpg.

Sprinter work van.

Clandestine Promaster campervan.

Covert camper does not stand out.

Black class b rv campervan.

Secret Chevy camper pic.

Work Van.

Graffiti covered van is covert camper.

Silent camper.

Is that a van or an RV?

Private van is a stealth camper.

White van near white wall is well camouflaged.

VW van.

These make excellent stealth campers.

Incognito van.

Nothing to see here, the camper is hidden.

GMC van.

This van is well hidden in woods.

Camper van on street fits in well.

Picture of Sprinter van.


They are fun

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