Women Adventures [5 Outdoor Activities]

You can get out of your comfort zone and adventure more by getting off the sofa and take up an outdoor activity like:

Hiking, Kayaking, Backpacking, Snow Tubing, and hiking in Japan.


Snow tubing is a blast



Hiking in winter is fun if you dress warm

Women’s hiking and outdoor groups have also gained popularity, encouraging more women to participate in outdoor activities, build camaraderie, and share experiences.

Outdoor activities infographic




Hiking in the summer is the best.


Be sure to bring poles.



Backpack for gear, snacks, shelter.



Give kayaking a try

Overall, kayaking can be a fun and rewarding activity for women of all ages and skill levels, offering a chance to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while getting some exercise and fresh air.

Bring some defensive weapons to keep safe.

List of outdoor hobbies that women like:

  1. Hiking
  2. Camping
  3. Backpacking
  4. Rock climbing
  5. Bouldering
  6. Mountain biking
  7. Road biking
  8. Trail running
  9. Stand-up paddleboarding
  10. Kayaking
  11. Canoeing
  12. Whitewater rafting
  13. Fishing
  14. Hunting
  15. Gardening
  16. Birdwatching
  17. Wildlife photography
  18. Horseback riding
  19. Surfing
  20. Kiteboarding
  21. Windsurfing
  22. Scuba diving
  23. Snorkeling
  24. Snowshoeing
  25. Cross-country skiing
  26. Downhill skiing
  27. Snowboarding
  28. Ice skating
  29. Ice climbing
  30. Winter hiking
  31. Orienteering
  32. Geocaching
  33. Foraging
  34. Beachcombing
  35. Slacklining
  36. Yoga
  37. Pilates
  38. Dance
  39. Tai Chi
  40. Meditation
  41. Forest bathing
  42. Outdoor painting
  43. Outdoor cooking