Can a BMW 8 Series Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

Towing capacity of BMW 8 Series is 1600kg. Note that this model is not designed to for towing.

BMW 8 Series (1990 – 2000) 840 Ci 2d has unbraked towing capacity of 750 kg and a braked capacity of 1600 KG. The BMW 8 Series (1990 – 2000) 840 Ci 2d Auto (93) model also has an unbraked capacity of 750 KG, whereas the braked capacity is 1600 KG.

Similarly, the BMW 8 Series (1990 – 2000) 840 Ci 2d Auto (96) model has an unbraked capacity of 750 KG and the braked capacity of 1600 KG. Even the BMW 8 Series (1990 – 2000) 840 Ci Sport 2d Auto model has the same unbraked capacity of 750 KG and the braked capacity of 1600 KG.

The model variations have not impacted either the braked or the BMW’s unbraked towing capacity. With each of these models, you can expect to tow the same weight, which means each of these models can be considered the same when it comes to the power their engines possess.

BMW M8 towing capacity Explained:

First thing first, do you know that the BMW M8 towing capacity can be measured in two different forms? These include braked and unbraked.

In the braked towing capacity, the trailer, which is being towed, has its brakes but in the unbraked one, the trailer being towed has no brake of its own. In both cases, the towing capacity of M8 is a lot different. This is because of the brakes’ resistance, which impacts the weight that a particular BMW car can tow.

What exactly is the towing capacity?

This capacity is defined as the maximum amount of trailer weight that an M8 version of BMW can tow. It means that the engine capacity of BMW is powerful enough to drag a trailer along.

Which engine drives such a gigantic towing capacity for the M8?

Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 engine is part of the M8 vehicles. 4.4 L/268 is a fuel displacement to the engine from which it gets its power.

The fuel system has the Gasoline Direct Injection. The maximum horsepower of 600 @ 6000 is generated by the M8 engines, which gives the necessary push for the towing and generating speed.

The maximum torque you would get is 553 @ 1800

BMW M8 – An overview:

Whether you want a driving experience or get hold of the luxury that comes with a premium quality car, M8 provides everything. You can even get a powerful engine that tows a trailer and provides you with enough room to have everything you want on your trip without any issues.

The interior of an M8 vehicle would impress you so much that you won’t like to be out of your car. The spacious legroom, utilities, and comfortable seating enhance the driving experience even to a greater level. The decoratively stitched gloves and seats make your car aesthetically appealing from the inside too.

420-liter boot availability provides enough room to keep your belongings with you comfortably on a long trip. If you want even more space, then a trailer can be attached. You can get help from the towing capacity of M8 in this regard, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Features of BMW M8:

With these features of BMW M8, you can expect the solid towing capacity and the overall excellent performance you have been looking for in a premium vehicle:

  1. 4.4L V-8 Engine.

  2. 8-spd w/OD Transmission.

  3. 600 @ 6,000 rpm Horsepower.

  4. 553 @ 1,800 rpm Torque.

  5. M xDrive all-wheel Drive type.

  6. 20″ machined w/painted accents forged aluminum Wheels.

  7. Keyfob and smart device-as-key Remote keyless entry.

  8. Merino leather Seat trim.

Performance of BMW M8 explained:

Your car can reach 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds. You can get a top speed of 305 km/h (190 mph) from this car. However, while towing the trailer along, you can’t expect t get to the top speed. It is not only dangerous but wouldn’t be possible as well.

This is not a good towing car.