What’s the Difference Between AKC and CKC Registered Dogs?

The 4 main differences are: AKC costs more, CKC has been around longer, AKC allows all types of dogs, CKC is lifelong registration.

AKC Vs. CKC, both are responsible for dog registrations all over the world. AKC is the oldest organization that started its business in 1884. While in 1991 came CKC. The dog is the pet kept since cave man times.

American Kennel Club, aka AKC

Since 1884, AKC has created dog show events where dogs with the same background can compete. Other than dog shows, AKC sponsors herding, field trials, and canine events.

AKC allows all dogs, no matter the breed, to participate in dog sports.

A Role in Your Dog’s future

AKC has donated a couple of millions for programs for dog communities. AKC plans public education for your dogs, among other different programs. The organization also has inspections once in a while to ensure compliance for your dog’s health and safety and the environment where they spend most of their days.

Entitlement to Receive Titles

If you want to acquire the AKC title, your puppy needs to be listed with the organization. Whether the idea to be listed has never been on your mind, this is your chance to think about it. With AKC, you can help your dog to reach its full potential by participating in dog sports.


Continental Kennel Club, aka CKC

Since 1991, CKC, according to their website, provides a choice in canine registration services in the dog world.

With the CKC registration, you stand a chance of lifelong benefits for your pet’s life. Its membership comes with no yearly membership renewal fee. With CKC, you will be provided with educational materials and discounted pet insurance for all your pet needs.

CKC has partnered with other companies to develop a puppy package for all its members. Some of the packages include getting your dog the correct kennel, grooming tips, health care items ad various training materials. They also have packages for anyone who is starting from scratch with a new furry companion.

Quality healthcare

Registering your puppy with CKC will ensure your puppy is catered for with quality canine merchandise and better healthcare service. CKC members can receive packages that a new puppy owner would need before introducing them to their homes. Both AKC and CKC are organizations that register dogs. They register the dogs according to gender, markings, and color.

I do not think registration is needed for a pet unless you are going to shows.

One of the primary reasons human beings keep dogs as a pet is their ability to help, protect, and their attitude and loyalty towards their master. Their proficiency in offering protection and security made them stand out from other animals.

Over 100 years have already passed since the establishment of the Continental Kennel Club and American Kennel Club. The Continental Kennel Club, CKC, is the older organization that came of age when people were starting to realize the power of the internet.

CKC took this opportunity to market its services and has lower dog registration fees compared to American Kennel Club.