Can a Ford Explorer Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The 2020 Ford Explorer can tow 5300-5600 lbs. The I4 engine is rated at 5300 lbs, the other engines are 5600 lbs. This is enough power to tow a small travel trailer.

Ford Explorer is one of the best-selling SUVs of all time, and the 2020 model seems to continue its excellence. Featuring spacious interiors, stylish exteriors, latest technological features, and comfortable and smooth rides, the Ford model sits atop the segment of mid-size SUVs for many good reasons.

The 6th generation Ford Explorer has a 198.8 inches frame with seating capacity for up to 7 adults. It features an impressive cargo space of 87 cubic feet behind its first row, which makes it capable handling much more than family vacations, ski trips, and friends’ concerts. Wondering how does the 2020 Ford Explorer perform when you attach a trailer to it? Here we will take a closer look at the Ford Explorer towing capacity. Believe it, you will be really impressed.

By Engine

The towing capacity of any vehicle largely depends on its trim level and engine. Ford Explorer offers three robust engines on the docks. Read on for full specs.

  • 2.3L Turbocharged Ti-VCT EcoBoost® I-4

This is one of the most powerful entry-level engines that deliver up to 310 lb-ft of torque and 300 hp of power. Available in base, Limited, and XLT trims, it offers an impressive towing capacity of 5,300 pounds.

  • 3.0L Twin-Turbocharged EcoBoost® V6

This is a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that delivers 415 lb-ft of torque and up to 400 hp of power. Explorer with this engine can reach a maximum towing capacity of up to 5,600 pounds.

  • 3.3L Hybrid V6

This is an eco-friendly fuel-saving hybrid engine with a towing power of 5,600 pounds. This gasoline-electric hybrid V6 engine delivers 380 lb-ft of torque and 365 hp of power.

Choosing the Trailer Tow Package with Tow-Friendly Features

If you want to achieve the maximum towing capacity of 5,600 pounds, select model with 3.0L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost® V6 engine and attach the Class III Trailer Tow Package with it. Some of the noteworthy towing features include:

  • Frame-mounted Class III hitch

  • Trailer connectors

  • Engine oil cooler

  • Cargo management system

Apart from these, browse through the other genuine accessories that can make your towing even more customized and comfortable.

Features that Give Such a High Towing Capacity to the Ford Explorer

The 2020 Ford Explorer not only sports an impressive towing capacity, but also a wide range of features that can make your experience much more convenient and enjoyable. For instance, it has a standard Rear View Camera with Washer. It proves to be of help when you try to back a boat trailer into the waters. The camera provides a wide view, making the entire task simple and safe.

The car has been blessed with advanced assistive technology that makes it tough, and at the same time safe. But the vehicle can equally efficiently tow even when the driving conditions are not that ideal. With the following class-leading technological features, you can get the maximum towing capacity from your Ford Explorer:

Ford RWD: This is a great feature that 2020 Ford Explorer got for the first time. It enhances the car handling both off and on the road and even boosts the vehicle’s towing capacity by a whopping 600 pounds.

Sway Control: This feature comes of use when your trailer starts swaying in a direction. When this happens, the brakes are automatically applied and engine power is adjusted as required to stay straight and in control while towing.

Terrain Management System: Also introduced in the 2020 model, this is an advanced system that makes switching between seven different Drive Modes easy and quick. You may select your preferred drive mode right from the center console, whether you want to drive on normal, slippery, trail, sport, deep snow or sand, eco mode, and tow or haul.

Standard AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control: This feature enhances your vehicle’s traction when you have to drive it in hazardous road conditions.

All these features work together to make your towing experience much smoother and more enjoyable than ever.

Types of Campers that the Ford Explorer can Tow

Pop-Up Trailers: These are light campers with enough sleeping and living space. 8 to 16 feet long and 500-4000 pounds in weight, they can accommodate 1-6 people comfortably. Basically, they are nothing but a tent built upon wheels. When condensed, they are just a few feet in height. When you pop it up, it is tall enough to let you eat, sleep, and walk. If you are looking forward to a convenient camping tour, a pop-up trailer can be the best fit.

Hybrid Trailers: These are hard-shell campers but not very heavy. 16 to 30 feet long and 2000-5000 pounds in weight, they can accommodate 1-6 people comfortably. Instead of popping-up, these are full-size trailers with pop-out sleeping areas. They come equipped with dining area, cooking area, and even bathroom. On either side, there are bed pop-outs for sleeping.

Tear Drop Trailers: Small in size and available in unique shapes, these trailers are 4-6 feet in length and 500-2000 pounds in weight. They are good enough to accommodate 1-2 people. Limited in facilities, they are big enough to sleep a couple of people, though some have an outdoor cooking area as well.

Travel Trailers: Travel trailer is a common camper that has hard-shell exterior and a couple of slide-outs. 10-45 feet in length and 1000-12,000 in weight, 1-9 people can conveniently sleep in it.

As seen above, the weight and size of a trailer can vary greatly. You can easily tow them with your Ford Explorer and enjoy your camping trip.


If you are planning to buy Ford Explorer SUV and use it as a tow vehicle, then this is a heartily recommended use to make. The stability, ease of use, and power of the vehicle is well beyond everyone’s expectations with this SUV. As compared to other similar vehicles in the market, Explorer excels to be a far better choice for towing tasks.

So, whether you are renting or buying a trailer, the Ford Explorer can efficiently handle it.

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