Can a Buick Regal Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Buick Regal towing capacity is 1000lbs. The 4-cylinder engine gives you quite an impressive bit of torque to work with, meaning you can tow impressive weights with a car load of gear and people.

You can hitch a trailer to the car and move from city to city. Visit the historic landmarks you’ve wanted to see for years. What’s more, this makes the Buick Regal perfect for beach trips, too. You can tow your boat as you head to sandy shores and have a grand time!

If you’ve seen the Buick Regal TourX, you know it’s a gamechanger. It’s an all-purpose vehicle that you can use for anything and everything. You can take spontaneous weekend trips with your family or even travel across the country with friends. One thing is for sure: the Buick Regal won’t let you down.

It’s essential to know how much your car can easily carry as you go on your adventures. Let’s start with some basic facts about the streamlined beauty.

Next Level Features

Buick has designed the Regal TourX to be ready for any adventures at any time. You get a sleek-looking machine with rugged off-roading capabilities that will ensure you can traverse whichever terrain you put your mind to. The intelligent all-wheel-drive includes an active twin-clutch that maximizes traction, so you don’t have to worry about veering off the road. What’s more, the car hosts a 250 horsepower 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that is the perfect blend of power and intelligence.

Additionally, you get a five-link rear suspension that allows you to handle the car with smoothness and agility. It also allows you complete control over the vehicle at all times. You can haul all the cargo you want with the Regal’s roof rails that include accessory crossbars. It’s easy to attach additional crossbars if you need them, too. This means all your beach or concert trips are as good as guaranteed!

The folks over at Buick truly wanted to make this a unique experience, which is why they didn’t add a sunroof. Instead, they’ve added something called the interior refinement panoramic moonroof, which is perfect for stargazing on all your adventures. You’ll be able to moon gaze, enjoy the fresh air and explore the outdoors while staying in the safety of your car. The moonroof has a movable panel, a fixed back panel, and an Express Open feature that makes it easy to operate.

You’ll never have to suffer for entertainment in this car. The Regal TourX features a top-of-the-line entertainment system that includes navigation and smooth connectivity. Easily connect your mobile phone to the car, make calls from the dashboard, play your songs and download in-vehicle apps right there on the touch screen.

You can even save your profile under your name and create separate profiles for each car driver! What’s more, it’s ultra-easy to take your mobile phone along for the ride with Buick’s wireless charging feature. Just place your phone on the center slot and let your battery charge for as long as it needs! There are no wires, no clutter, and no fuss.

All About Safety

So, we’ve talked about Regal TourX’s flashy gadgets. Now, let’s look at the safety features onboard. The first feature that deserves mention is the car’s Quiet Tuning technology. This tech allows you to turn the car’s cabin into a peaceful, soundproof room that helps you focus on your driving. There are active noise cancellations, soundproofing, and other features that help keep you safe from the unwanted ruckus and loud sounds on the road. What’s more, the car hosts an in-vehicle air ionizer that ensures you only get clean and pure air in the cabin. The ionizer reduces dust, pollution, and pollen to take care of those pesky allergic reactions!

Nervous while backing out into heavy traffic? Worry no more because the Buick has a solution for that, too. You get a rear cross-traffic alert system that includes a rear-vision camera. The camera and the alert software work in unison when you’re backing out to ensure that your path is clear and free of other vehicles and obstacles. You also get rear part assist which kicks in when you drive in reverse at slow speeds. This feature essentially alerts you to any objects behind your vehicle while you’re backing up. You can even maneuver around them using this feature!

Speaking of safety, most people don’t trust their vehicle’s cruise control feature. However, the Buick makes it easy to trust. The Regal TourX comes with an adaptive cruise control system with automatic braking that can follow a car on the road and adjust its speed accordingly. All you have to do is steer, and the Buick will drive itself. If this doesn’t convince you of the car’s safety features, there’s also a lane assist warning built-in. You will be notified if your car is steering too much in one direction or if the car can’t detect a hand on the steering wheel. A related alert will flash on the touch-screen, ensuring you stay safe in heavy traffic.

What’s more, you will be alerted to an imminent crash if the forward collision alert system detects that you might be heading into one. You also don’t need to worry about pedestrians because the pedestrian protection system is always switched on and will warn you if a pedestrian is detected ahead of you. The car will automatically switch on the brakes or will issue several warnings asking you to brake immediately.

It is a great car but not really built to tow.