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Can a Chevy Spark Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The latest Chevy Spark can tow up to 5200 lbs making it a perfect option for camping trips with family and friends.


Back in 2013 Spark’s towing capability was 2000lb along with 2000 tongue weight this went on for the year 2014 as well. For the year 2015, they stretched the capacity up to 3000 lbs making it a better option than 2013 and 14 models. This capacity went up to 5000lbs in 2017 and extended it up to 5200 lbs in the current model.


Like every other car, chevy has its towing information label on the center pillar called the B-pillar.


Spark’s transmission also has a big hand in increasing the towing capacity. The automatic transmission benefits the driver as they don’t have to focus on shifting the gears, and they only need to focus on driving. Chevy Spark’s body is made of a high-quality frame, which adds to the strength of its foundation. The better the frame of the car, the greater ability it has to lift heavy loads. The 5200 lbs capacity makes long drives fun and easy with your loved ones. To fit your bags, you need to slide the front seats forward, resulting in flipping the cushions and the back seat can fold down. This creates a space for a cargo floor on which you can put your luggage.



After landing in the US market, Chevrolet Spark has leveled up its game in vehicle manufacturing. As they made changes and added new features in their models, they made considerable changes in their towing capacity as well.



Chevrolet spark is a four-seater, hatchback city car that is produced by General Motors’ peripheral called “GM Korea”. It was first introduced in the US in 2012 as it was brought for production for the 2013 model as an all-electric car. The attractive chevy body was successful enough to attract young-buyers to buy a car with a chevy nameplate.

With a wide range of exterior paint choices and an attractive interior, chevy spark has created a big name in the automobile industry. Although this subcompact car has been sold massively overseas, Americans have only been familiar with the third generation that was launched in 2013. Spark’s first-generation continued from 1998-2001 and second from 2005-2010.


What Is Towing Capacity?

It is the weight capacity that your vehicle can pull. Any vehicle manufacturer determines the towing capacity by considering, GTW, GAWR, and GVWR. Simply put, capacity means how much your vehicle weighs. In order to determine the capacity, you need to check the manufacturer’s weight ranking or rating.

Before buying a car. It is essential to know how much a vehicle can contain. It consists of all types of weight like cargo, manually installed operations, and people. You aren’t supposed to load the vehicle more than its capacity. It can cause the systems to break and creates hindrance in the car’s handles.

What Affects Towing Capacity?

While buying a car that claims greater towing capacity, it must be heavier in weight as it will allow the car to tow better, which means gross combined weight or GCW rating should be greater.

Furthermore, tongue weight helps in maintaining the control of the vehicle while the curb weight decides how much your vehicle can tow. Both of these weights ensure that you are only traveling with a weight that will keep you safe.

There should be a safe distance between the front and rear axle. If it is too close, it can become a problem for the car to carry the load on long rides. The extended the wheelbase, the easier it is for the car to lift the weight.




2021 Chevrolet Spark – What Else It Has To Offer?

This year’s Chevrolet Spark has been launched with more exciting and improved features. This vehicle is a cheap and fuel-efficient option as compared to other cars. Let’s look at other features that this car has to offer

  1. Chevy Spark Engine And Performance

As we dive into Chevrolet Spark interior and engine performance, chevy is one of the most affordable options you can find in a hatchback car. Moreover, the gearless along with the automatic system handles the power efficiently eliminating the noisy engine sound. This hatchback car works perfectly for city travels and works its way perfectly through slow-moving city traffic.

This car’s trim variants have a 1.4L cylinder engine which generates 98 horsepower with a torque of 94 lb-ft. It has a 5-speed manual and a CVT variant so that you can select according to your need. With quick lateral movements and stabilized motion, this car is best for such routes. Chevy has a short wheelbase that helps in easy maneuverability in small spaces and the noises on bumpy roads are not to be heard in Spark as well.

  1. Interior Design And Comfort Level

If we compare Spark with its competitors, it is a win-win situation for Spark in the interior department. They haven’t used any cheap quality material that would look junky. The hard plastic they’ve used in the interior looks cool and has an attractive appearance and texture. Some great features are only found in the leather trimmings as well as the front seats.

The driving seat of the car is in an upright position with a comfortable armrest that easily folds down. The front doors are large enough that it raises at the seat’s height so that fitting inside the cockpit is easy. This vehicle also has built-in WiFi, to make your trips memorable. Inside the chevy, there is a middle console, a handy shelf, and plastic trays between the back seats that are quite useful.



Final Verdict

Throughout the years, chevy spark has created a big name in the vehicle industry. According to reports, Spark was the fastest-selling car in the US in July 2012.

All the benefits and the features we listed above make Chevy a perfect vehicle for your everyday rides in the city as well as road trips with friends and family. From fuel-efficiency, attractive exterior body, and towing capacity, this car should be on your list if you are hunting for one.