What Can You Hunt with a .22?

You can hunt small game with a 22, like rabbits, squirrels, beaver, and birds.

You can really enjoy yourself hunting when you use your 22 rifle, due to the fact that your 22 rifle is the perfect gun to hunt a wide array of small game. One of the most common animals that people like to hunt with their 22 rifles is undeniably the rabbit. But there are also other animals that people can hunt with their 22 rifles as well, which we will mention a bit later.


Therefore, the 22 rifle is one of the most noteworthy versatile rifles due to being quite easy to shoot as well as allowing you to shoot many different types of small animals. You will enjoy going out into the woods with your single-shot, bolt-action 22 rifle. This is an ideal rifle for new hunting challenges as well as improving your skills. This is a great rifle to use with targets in an effort to improve your skills in order to allow you to shoot more small game with a higher level of accuracy.


While many hunters want to shoot the bigger game, such as deer, bears, moose, elk, caribou, etc., there is still something thrilling about hunting the various types of small game. Thus, for those who wish to use their 22 to hunt small game, they will likely have much enjoyment and much success.

This is due to the reality that it can be much easier to kill small game than it can be to kill big game. The person who becomes highly skilled at hunting small game first will likely then be better prepared for hunting large game in the future.


You will enjoy being able to shoot squirrels and rabbits with our 22 rifle with relative ease. Also, the good news is that ammunition for your 22 rifle is considered to be pretty cheaply priced. This is great for when you want to do a lot of target practice and when you do a lot of hunting for small game.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy having a good supply of ammunition for a long time. The reality is that even if you use your 22 rifle frequently, this is an enjoyable hobby that is quite affordable.


If you have a child that desires to learn to hunt, then the 22 rifle is the perfect type of gun for beginning. This is due to the fact that this rifle is not overwhelming, which will allow the child to master the shooting of the gun in a safe and proficient manner.


Thus, those who are just beginning to hunt and those who are already hunting experts can enjoy using their 22 rifles for the sake of shooting beavers, possums and raccoons. As mentioned earlier, these rifles can also be used to successfully shoot squirrels and rabbits. In addition, they can be used to hunt partridge, foxes as well as wild turkeys.


Some people also have had success in regard to shooting coyotes with this type of rifle, though it can be more difficult. Thus, if you are trying to shoot a coyote, you should be sure to take a head shot. But it may also require an extra rear shot to bring the coyote down.

A 22 is a good size for small game hunting.